20 People Who Took It Wayyyyy Too Darn Far

Diply 25 Jan 2021

Things escalate quickly sometimes, that is not a secret.

Whether it's because of an emotionally driven response to what someone else said or did, or the fact that you just got too caught up in the moment.

It's easy for things to spiral out of hand sometimes...

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And it often results in some pretty interesting situations.

In fact, I'd argue that some of the most hilarious memories come from moments where people got too carried away.

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So naturally, we decided it had to be turned into a listicle.

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Here's a group of folks who took things a bit further than they should have.

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1. Acting like you're classy while in a McDonald's is the equivalent to acting like you're smart while at a monster truck rally.

Imgur | Imgur

No one believes you, and most feel sorry that you're even trying.

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2. How to take great photos for your social media accounts:

Twitter | @_KelseyMaggart

Step one: Be attractive.
Step two: Don't be not attractive.
Step three: Go to Hobby Lobby for some reason. I don't know anything anymore.

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3. I think I read about this on a beauty blog once.

Instgram | @toidleboygaming

Everyone knows peanut butter is great for clearing out your pores and moisturizing your skin, but did you know it can also be used to effectively repel people with nut allergies like my co-worker Bri? Take that, Bri.

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4. People always get carried away when it comes to their pets.

Twitter | @Amberly_Dzimira

They're so little and incompetent and rely on us for so many things. Basically, they're children with fur, except they can get put down for biting someone. I wish that rule applied to kids, too TBH.

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5. I'm over here struggling to find a dude that will hold my hand in public, and there are people doing this.

Instagram | @daddyissues_

I look forward to the day when someone loves me enough that they're willing to make themselves horribly uncomfortable in order to pacify my whims.

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6. The only chemistry in this group chat was between the two of them anyway.

Instagram | @reillyy_oliviaa

Sure, it would've been easier to just create a new chat, but that doesn't have the same finesse.

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7. This bird is fly as hell.

Imgur | Imgur

I wouldn't even be mad if this bird came at me in a club. He's better looking AND better dressed than the dudes that normally hit on me, plus he's probably got better dance moves.

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8. Looks like your dad is as aggressive as your uterus.

Twitter | @Kieeraaa

That must be where it gets it from. Genetics can be a real bitch, but they have nothing on the imaginary girl your dad thinks he's about to go off on.

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9. Well, that's a little bit much, don't you think?

Imgur | insaneinthemembrain

Something tells me that whatever drove this person to yell at an innocent bystander is the same driving force that led to the argument in the first place.

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10. Well, that escalated quickly.

Instagram | @kalesalad

It's no secret that the older we get, the less time we have to waste. Clearly grandma is a bit on edge, but we hope she enjoyed her birthday regardless.

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11. Well, she's a woman of her word.

Twitter | @neurograce

Or thousands of words, if you want to get technical. Isn't a thesis typically like, a hundred pages long? How big is this scarf, or her neck, or the font? I have so many questions.

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12. As an added bonus, you can personalize them any way you want.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Perfect for those occasions that can be hard to card shop for, like when your coworker gets a new plant for their desk or when the odometer on your brother's car hits 80085.

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13. It's 2:00am on her 84th birthday, let the poor woman sleep!

Twitter | @cambreezyyyy

This would be like someone calling your drunk ass at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday. How do you think you would like it?

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14. If that is what a genie looks like, I want nothing to do with it.

Instagram | @crap.attack

Immediately toss that lamp back into the cave of wonders, because unless my three wishes include an infinite supply of Tapout shirts and the insatiable urge to argue with homeowners about "smoking" inside, I don't think he'll be able to fulfill my wishes.

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15. Proof that girls will do anything for the 'gram.

Instagram | @Impractical1

Come on man, that cat is your friend. How would you like it if your BFF came and put a shoe on your head? Let her nap, jeez.

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16. If you don't look out for your friends, who will?

Instagram | @taxbill

Certainly not government, or your history teacher, the mailman, or that guy who makes your lattes. Someone's gotta do it, and apparently no one else cares around here but me.

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17. As someone who's been to Comicon, let me just say, I've seen worse.

Instagram | @no.body_special

And as someone who's purchased a hair-covered bodysuit, I've also seen worse. But mostly, as someone who's worn blue lipstick, I have bad fashion sense.

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18. A good car detailer is like a good drug dealer.

Twitter | @Martin93rd

They know exactly why they exist and they're not gonna narc on you. No questions, no judgment, just results. Hopefully he burned those rags afterward.

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19. Why even bother taking off your socks at this point?

Twitter | @BelleSiemens

They're not going to even out and you just look ridiculous. Put your feet away and hibernate until winter, I think that's the only option you have left.

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20. Guys, I think she's a vegan.

Instagram | @no.body_special

Did you know that she's a vegan, and that vegans vegan? Vegan! Vegan vegan vegan vegan, vegan! Vegan vegan, vegan vegans vegan VEGAN!! Haha, vegan vegans though. Vegan, vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan.

She'll thank me later.

Also fun fact: Black tattoo ink isn't vegan.

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So what do you think?


Which of these is just the absolute worst to you?

Let us know in the comments!

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