16+ Clueless People Who Don't Realize They're In Trouble

Diply 8 Feb 2021

Stay out late enough on a Friday night and you'll probably be treated to a very common sight.

A couple of drunk friends will try something dangerously stupid while the responsible one in the group tries to herd them like a sheepdog.

Unfortunately, not every situation like this comes with that teachable hangover the next morning. It's totally possible to be stone sober and still be completely unaware of how much you're about to play yourself.

1. Haha, I wonder how far somebody got into their brilliant idea for a mega sandwich before they realized this was how it was gonna turn out.

Reddit | Gragben

If nothing else, I should give them credit for pushing through anyway and tasting their dry, food coma-inducing medicine.

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2. As long as she realizes what's going on quietly, the worst that'll happen is some slight inconvenience.

Pinterest | Pinterest

But she's at critical risk of dying from embarrassment if she gets fed up and asks what's taking so long.

Maybe they should put the mannequins in more interesting poses.

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3. Aw man, she went through the trouble of drawing a little circle and everything.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Still, if you have to take an L like this, I guess a phantom hair is a better screenshot trap than a cracked screen.

At any rate, the problem is easier to fix.

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4. There's nothing the sun's rays like more than an overconfident challenge like this.

Reddit | randompopcorn

If your plan starts with the words, "There's no way the sun will be petty enough to just burn—" then it's time to get a new plan.

It can't get me, though. I don't go outside.

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5. I don't know, it seems to me that alcohol and the easiest place in the house to slip and fall don't really mix.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

Like, there's a reason why dance clubs don't open right after they just finished mopping the floor. Only their drink prices are sadistic.

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6. To be fair, it's not always our fault that we're clueless about the dangers ahead. Who could possibly predict a weather dinosaur?

Reddit | KaptnKartoffel

I'm not even sure what a weather dinosaur even feels like, but I'm guessing it's freezing cold with a chance of meteors.

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7. Welp, looks like somebody just took their drone into the wrong neighborhood.

Reddit | TheSoulOfTheRose

Yeah, those high-flying antics don't seem so hilarious now that it's clear they just pranked a party of precise pitchers.

If I were them, I'd mount the broken drone on the wall. They've earned it.

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8. I can't blame the kid for getting lured in by Pikachu, but something about this statue makes me nervous.

Reddit | semifragile

And no, it's not the obvious creep factor. I'm just worried that the black circle on his chest is a camera.

So yeah, there's a non-obvious creep factor. Yay...

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9. I feel like I should tell you that these photos aren't of the same car.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

So I suppose we'll call this an artist's rendering of what they think happens when you literally let Jesus take the wheel.

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10. Henry here clearly has nothing to worry about, but whoever designed him probably does.

Instagram | @nochill

This definitely seems like one of those things that you only notice after the happy homie has already been shipped.

There's always one coworker who notices but doesn't say anything, too. Thanks, Larry.

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11. I'm guessing there was a little miscommunication over the whole point of putting this ramp in. 

Reddit | MunchkinTroglodyte

Want a cool-looking way to get upstairs without actually being useful to anyone it's intended for? Well, you're weird, but somebody out there has you covered.

Thanks again, Larry.

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12. Ooh, it's always sad to see someone in that moment right before they realize how screwed they are.

Reddit | Xyzil

Uh...at least he's not gonna hear any complaints from his customer? Still, remind me not to follow a hearse too closely.

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13. Unless this was somebody's last day and they didn't care, I'm not sure what the pizza did to deserve this.

Reddit | Letux

They had me paranoid and looking for pentagrams for a second because I can only see someone doing this on purpose.

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14. Add another one to the list of times that it's bad to tell someone bad news.

Reddit | thiscontradiction

This poor girl didn't realize when she started crying right after getting a spray tan that she was going to be giving herself the worst possible tan lines.

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15. ...Happy birthday anyway.

Imgur | Thisguysays

The dangers of long hair and birthday candles. A new haircut probably wasn't on her birthday wish list, but it's definitely a present she's going to be getting.

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16. Maybe stay seated for a while.

Reddit | Bierrr

This poor woman is about to be having a very bad day, but on the plus side, the paint kind of matches her jacket, so it's not all bad.

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17. She'll make a big splash.

Reddit | Bierrr

This poor woman hasn't yet realized her balancing game didn't pay off for her, but she's about to. This kid trying to take a nice poolside pic also just got a lot more than he bargained for.

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18. Wave back!


This woman is just about to go for a very sudden and unexpected swim. You know, they always say the water feels less cold if you just dive in all at once.

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19. I hate to burst your...balloon.


It's pretty cool that you can see the shape of the water balloon before it burst, but probably not cool enough to make this girl forgive him for doing this to her.

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20. Great photo, but at what cost?

Reddit | m0ntsn0w0

This photographer didn't realize this gorilla was gearing up to punch him, which is exactly what he did. The gorilla was drunk on bamboo shoots, and barreled the photographer over. Luckily, he wasn't hurt!

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21. Pikaaaaa-OUCH.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Did this person think that the dog would actually enjoy seeing a giant animal-like figure burst into the room?

This proves that Pokémon really are no match for dogs.

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22. This guy might have just gotten broken up with on his girlfriend's birthday.

Instagram | @beigecardigan

I mean, everyone has their own traditions and rituals around birthday presents. But buying yourself a present as someone else's gift is new to me!

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23. At this restaurant, if you ask for extra extra spicy, extra spicy times 17 is what you get.

Reddit | Lowghen

Whoever ordered this either has a super high spice tolerance or is really going to regret it.

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24. We call this one "Nuggetgate 2019."

If I know anyone who does this, consider yourself disowned. I never want to see anyone I love and respect disrespect chicken nuggets like this.

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25. This is what you do when your toddler refuses to take their medicine.

Reddit | goodlyearth

They have no idea what's coming to them, but there are promises that they'll spit it right back at you as their revenge.

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26. You really have to know your qwerty to notice this diabolical prank.

Reddit | Mr_PoodlePants

Switching the 'M' and 'N' keys? What a maniac. I hope nobody at my office gets any twisted ideas.

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27. Okay, this guy might have a clue.

Reddit | ninnuh

You just know when your other half gets drawn into Target without some supervision, the credit card is going to take a beating.

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28. This is no sitcom.

Reddit | tmklsh

Pet sitting is a chance for a boyfriend to prove to a girlfriend what a good, responsible person he can be. And to prove that he can take orders from the cat.

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29. Those are some highly-tuned reflexes.

Reddit | jack_thread

Not necessarily finely-tuned, mind you. But dang, you can't argue with the results!

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30. Hmmm, those seem kind of important.

Reddit | caadbury

And also much more difficult to put back on than they were to take off. So, good luck with that!

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31. You've got to keep your head in the game.

Reddit | Volcomestone986

Because if you don't, one of your buddies will remind you, and it won't be in a way you enjoy.

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32. The family won't soon forget this encounter.

Reddit | bequigs

"Sister was trying to capture a cute memory of my cousin's daughter at my graduation party over the summer...I accidentally ruined it," wrote the uploader.

Or, did he do her a favor and make her more aware of dangers lurking everywhere around her?

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33. It's a shame to throw such good tattoos away, but I'd be kinda worried if that's not what they do once they find out what's wrong.

Me.me | Me.me

You know, maybe getting "I'm rotten" or "bad diarrhea" in Chinese on your skin isn't such a bad deal after all.

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34. Love is a many splendored thing, I guess.

Reddit | ravennawoods

The good news is now this guy knows what an opportunistic dog he has. Bonus points for the artsy black and white shot, too.

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35. Sorry folks, but that's definitely not Parmesan. Whoever did this might be perfectly sweet, but their spaghetti doesn't need to be.

Instagram | @bruhifunny

I guess some people wanna do to their pasta what Papa John's does to their pizza, but I'm not one of them.

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36. Sadly, this chill dude didn't exactly get the cool day he bargained for.

Reddit | AmmianusMarcellinus

On second thought, is it just me or does that smile seem a little forced? Is...is the snake making him take this?

I can see it in his eyes. He's not clueless at all.

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