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14+ Trending Pictures With Incredible Stories Behind Them


They say a picture's worth a thousand words. That may be true, but sometimes there are a few words behind the picture as well. With a little bit of context, these photos are all the more fascinating.

1. This man knows a good burger.

Reddit | @bargainhunterrr17

This casually-dressed gentleman, waiting patiently in line at a local burger joint in Seattle, is none other than Bill Gates. Yes, he's worth tens of billions of dollars. But that doesn't mean he never gets a burger craving.

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2. Street observatory.

Reddit | @AzerackTheGreat

During the warm summer months, these space enthusiasts set up their telescopes on the streets of Brooklyn, offering them up to any passerby who wants a better look at the moon or Jupiter.

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3. How the tables have turned.

Reddit | @asldjkfcb

This image is basically a rebuttal, in just one photo, to any older person who ever claims that the younger generation is too wrapped up in their smart devices.

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4. Full circle.

Reddit | @beaverkc

On the left we see a graduate with his daughter. On the right is an image taken eighteen years later, of the same grad (who basically hasn't aged) and the same daughter.

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5. Final boss.

Reddit | @Scaulbylausis

This guy — Chef Rush, according to his nametag — is one of the cooks at the White House. I don't know what his specialty is, but I'll bet it's healthy.

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6. Birth of a meme.

Reddit | @xdddddxdxdxx

If time is a flat circle and history repeats itself and so on, it isn't too surprising that the distracted boyfriend meme wasn't the first time the tableau has played out.

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7. A stand's a stand.

Reddit | @internetuser101

Apple's new $999 monitor stand has attracted lots of derision. This Reddit user posted their $999 monitor stand. Both seem overpriced, but this one's at least a bit more substantial.

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8. Water boots.

Reddit | @NovelGrass

Surface tension, where something can rest on the water without sinking in, is a pretty cool concept. This amazing image shows just how big a wasp's 'footprint' in the water truly is.

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9. I'm a little bit country.

Reddit | @Adelu1219

America is a divided place in 2019, but this self-proclaimed country boy in Oklahoma want the world to know exactly where he stands. It's an important reminder to not judge a book by its cover.

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10. Heartbreaking.

Reddit | @MisterT12

This tearful reunion isn't exactly a happy one. This high school grad got to see her dad on her special day — but because he's not allowed into the United States, they had to meet at the border.

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11. Mismatch.

Reddit | @beaverkc

This looks like team USA and the kids' team accompanying them onto the court, but these two teams actually played each other. Unsurprisingly the American U16 team beat El Salvador's U16 team 114-19.

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12. Finally.

Reddit | @Alextremox

This man, Kwame Ajamu, served 27 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Here we see his face moments after a judge announced he was finally being freed.

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13. Friends of the ocean.

Reddit | @Palana

Trash tag has been a thing in recent months, but these divers are taking things to another level by cleaning up the ocean floor off Deerfield Beach, Florida. They set a new world record for largest ocean cleanup.

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14. Wait a minute, Mr. Postman.

Reddit | @mayaxs

This mailman found he had a few fans throughout the neighborhood when they gathered to see him off on his last day before retirement. I'd do the same for my mailman, but he'd probably never show up.

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15. Forget objectivity.

Reddit | @MaTPheW_FunG

Hong Kong has been the sight of massive protests this month, and police tactics have been under intense scrutiny. Members of the press wore reflective vests and protective equipment to a news conference to express their displeasure with police.

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16. Tiananmen Square, 1989.

Reddit | @Yaro_S

We all know the photo of the anonymous man staring down a line of tanks at Tiananmen Square. But this photo tells a story as well, and serves as a potent reminder that scores of people died during those protests.

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17. Faithful friend.

Reddit | @scorpion3510

"My wife's Grandma died in her room yesterday with all of us around," wrote the Redditor who posted this. "My dog always protected her while she was lonely or scared. He's been keeping vigil all day, looking for his friend."

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18. Just one photo for posterity.

Reddit | @sapperdanman

This guy decided to go for the mustached look, showed his girlfriend who hated it, and immediately shaved it off. But he decided to memorialize his 'stache with just one epic photo.

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19. The kingly duties.

Reddit | @pigsturnmeon64

This brightly-dressed couple are seen cheering at a handball match, and annoying the lady in front of them. They aren't just any couple, though — they're the king and queen of Sweden.

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20. The more things change...

Reddit | @halfpint1231

"In the first pic, it’s my dad and daughter in 1996," wrote the original poster. "The second pic is my dad and granddaughter yesterday. I love how we recreated this, 23 years later."

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21. Nursed back to health.

Reddit | unknown_human

African charity worker Anja Ringgren Lovén rescued this boy from starvation after he was abandoned by his family and helped nurse him back to health.

His recovery is incredible!

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22. No big deal.

Reddit | iKojan

This is Dr. Katie Bouman. She is one of the scientists who developed a computer algorithm to capture the first image of a black hole.

And she's only 29-years-old!

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23. Making history.


And here is that image of the black hole. The gravitational pull of these puppies are so strong that light can't even fight it.

It looks like the Eye of Sauron, and I wouldn't want to come close to either of those. A photo works just fine.

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24. Caring for a neighbor in need.

Reddit | gangbangkang

This woman drove all around to find a generator to power her father's oxygen during Hurricane Irma preparation. This Lowes location was sold out, but this kind man gave the one he just purchased to her.

This gives me hope for humanity.

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25. A real life superhero.

Reddit | obadetona

This is Jonathan Smith, and he saved at least 30 people from being shot in the Las Vegas shooting. Through all of that, he ended up getting shot in the neck, and thankfully survived.

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26. Santa the school bus driver.

Reddit | gangbangkang

This Dallas, Texas school bus driver, Curtis Jenkins, asked all of the students who ride his bus what they wanted for Christmas. He bought 70 students presents with his own money.

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27. Distance doesn't mean a thing.

Reddit | Millertime166

These friends have all known each other for over five years online, but have never met. When they found out their friend was terminally ill with Ewings Sarcoma, they went and visited him. They had all just met for the first time here.

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28. Mother-daughter duo.

Reddit | _njhiker

Usually there's a point where you don't want to do anything with your mom anymore, but this mother-daughter flight crew proves that's not always the case.

Hopefully they don't argue about how to land!

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29. Chris Pratt: a nice young man.

Reddit | Lawsonstruck

This Reddit user was sent this photo of their mom sitting next to a "nice young man" at a charity dinner.

Do you think they know? Should we tell them?

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30. Walking in your father's steps.

Reddit | jordsimill

This woman's mother sat exactly where her step dad sat on the Appalachian Trail on their first Father's Day without him.

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31. Unexpected company.

Reddit | super_slide

This man's Uber driver became an accidental ambulance driver when he drove him to the hospital. The Uber driver then stayed with him to keep him company, since most of his family lives far away. So sweet!

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32. Showing your roots.

Reddit | mayalcaulfield

To honor her half Japanese and hald Scottish heritage, this woman made a Scottish-inspired kimono by sewing together men's plaid dress shirts and plaid boxers.

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33. When worlds collide.

Reddit | etymologynerd

The Kansas City fire department is seen here rescuing members of the Kansas City police department after getting stuck in an elevator. Probably not a situation they ever saw themselves being in.

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34. A sweet homage.

Reddit | aivdrawdeegreog

This Reddit user's parents passed away before their graduation and wanted to honor them at convocation. They transferred notes their parents had left in letters to them onto a Cricut machine and put their writing on their grad cap.

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