12+ People Share The Juiciest Gossip They’ve Recently Uncovered

Sydney Brooman

Let's be honest—we all love a little gossip.

We know logically that it isn't good to talk about people behind their backs, but when our lives are more emotionally packed and intense than the wildest reality TV show, it's your God given duty to spill that tea sis.

For some people, the biggest drama in their life is that Grandma Nancy forgot to put her garbage out last Tuesday. But for others, the most insanely outrageous secrets are hiding just below the surface of seemingly normal lives.

1. Double Trouble

Unsplash | Alicia Petresc

"My barber got two different girls pregnant, neither of whom are his girlfriend," one man reveals, "Prices have went up a little bit but the phone calls I overhear are worth it."

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2. Trigger Happy

Unsplash | Kenny Luo

"My neighbor's cousin broke into her house and stole 37 guns," this person writes, "Also I learned my neighbor owned at least 37 guns."

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3. Safe and Sound

Unsplash | Марьян Блан

"A Teacher at my school is having an affair with a married security guard," this kid admits, "They’re not very careful about the flirting though because most of the sixth graders have figured it out. Can’t wait to see what happens."

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4. Speedy Vows

Flickr | fsabueso

"Just found out that my brother, who divorced his ex-wife a year ago, got married to a new woman in secret," a comment reads, "I mean secret as in that he hasn't told his own kids about it (10 and 12 years old)."

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5. Daddy Issues

Unsplash | Marks of Mana

"My two friends just found out they have the same sugar daddy," a woman writes, "They had both been under the impression that they were exclusive with him."

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6. For The People

Unsplash | David Veksler

"A local celebrity who is known for loads of charity work recently attempted to fake his death in America," one man reveals, "Because he has 24 counts of rape against him back home."

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7. World Wide Web

Unsplash | Joshua Stitt

"A friend found a photo of my younger brother on FetLife full out having sex with a dude, so that's a thing," this young adult admits, "Haven't told anyone, but yeah."

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8. Holy Spirit

Unsplash | Rosie Fraser

"Our pastor was having an affair with his cousins wife," one man explains, "One day while giving a sermon the cousin storms into church, tackles the pastor and starts to throw haymakers at him. The cousins wife is trying to pull her husband off the pastor. The pastors wife quickly figured out what was happening, ran up and clocked the wife from behind knocking her out. People are trying to separate everyone. Total chaos."

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9. Phoney

Unsplash | Berkeley Communications

"My uncle left my auntie for the phone sex line worker he was calling for the last three years," one comment reads.

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10. The Work Force

Unsplash | Element5 Digital

"My friend just dropped out of university to become an escort," this woman writes, "She's happier, apparently."

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11. Matchmaker

Unsplash | Mārtiņš Zemlickis

"Just found out the other week through the grapevine that two of my exes are now together," a girl admits, "so that's a thing."

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12. King Of The North

Unsplash | McKayla Crump

"My grandpa had a secret Alaskan family no one knew about," a teen shared, "Thanks 23 & Me!"

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13. Small Surprise

Unsplash | Luma Pimentel

"My sister just found out she has a one month old baby," this woman shares, "And she's scared to tell the rest of my my family."

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14. Crying Wolf

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

"A girl I know has been faking cancer," a girl writes, "she laughed when she told me."

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15. Sharing Is Caring

Wikimedia |

"Just found out recently from my mom that my brother's wife is an anti-vaxxer," this man admits, "He won't be vaccinating my nephew."

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16. Wedding Party

Unsplash | Omar Lopez

"The officiant for my brothers wedding is screwing one of the groomsmen’s wives," this man writes, "They’re all still invited to the wedding."

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17. Google It

Unsplash | Jaimie Harmsen

"Found out my moms cousin is one of the co-founders of Yahoo," a comment reads, "And he hates the family."

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18. Pants On Fire

Unsplash | Alex Holyoake

"My uncle told my parents that he needed money because he borrowed from the Chinese mafia and they were threatening to kill him and his family or something," one guy writes, "My parents sent him some money and then two weeks later he posted a pic with a new car."

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19. Home Sweet Home

Unsplash | Scott Webb

"Some girl in our year at school posted on Facebook the other day how her boyfriend had supposedly cheated on her," this girl explains, "They had a full blown argument in the comments just on Facebook for everyone to see. Yesterday she posted a picture of some keys tagging her boyfriend in it saying 'just bought our first house together!'"

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20. Ice Ice Baby

Unsplash | Norris Niman

"I just found out that one of my work colleagues who just returned from an two week expensive holiday with his wife in Iceland has just found out his wife has run up about £50,000 debt on numerous credit cards," this guy reveals, "Living a fake life must be WILD."

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21. Alpha Phi Nope

Unsplash | James Fitzgerald

"One of my sister's friends from her sorority had a mental breakdown on her two roommates," one girl writes, "Of all the crazy stuff I overheard, the best part was when she got in her car and proceeded to ram into the back of one of the other friend's car, over and over, for almost 2 HOURS."

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22. A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

"Apparently for years my parents have told my teachers I have a learning disability," this guy writes, "I didn't know I had learning disability. I don't think I have a learning disability. I asked them why and they said it takes about $1500 off the cost of my university tuition from some government grant so I guess I have a learning disability."

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23. The Parent Trap

Unsplash | Markus Spiske

"Recently got my Ancestry DNA results back and found out I have a half sister of a different ethnicity," this woman admits, "As a product of my father’s cheating ways."

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24. Funny How Things Work Out

Unsplash | João Silas

"A dude who was constantly crossing physical boundaries with me and other female staff at work was let go," this woman shares, "Not because of sexual harassment, but because he was stealing supplies from the company."

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25. Hairfully

Unsplash | Rana Sawalha

"I just found out that my high school bully has a HUGE bald spot now," this woman wrote, "As a 22 year-old female, that’s gotta hurt."

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26. Note To Self

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

"My gf's coworker faked a note telling herself what a great job she's doing and posted it on Facebook," this guy writes, "People are starting to call her out on it because she's really not well-liked at their workplace."

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27. Sister Act

Unsplash | Roberto Nickson

"My son's mother who has kept my child from me for over 8 months has recently developed a sexual relationship with my sister," this man admits, "They never even communicated until she and I separated. They don't know I know."

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28. Blow Out

Unsplash | Element5 Digital

"Some fifth graders in my mom's school tested positive for cocaine," one teen reveals, "One of them was the dealer."

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29. Family Feud

Unsplash | Roberto Nickson

"My mom has opened a business in my name," this woman admits, "And I will have to report her for identity theft."

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30. Born This Way

Unsplash | Clem Onojeghuo

"My homophobic Christian friend is in love with a person from the same sex," one teenager reveals, "Nobody knows but me."

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31. Quick Laps

Unsplash | Megan Markham

"My brother in law thinks that my sister in law (his wife) has been working two jobs," one girl writes, "But she really goes to one job during the day then at night goes and swims at the local pool just so she can have some time to herself."

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32. Teacher's Pet

Wikimedia |

"Just found out that the principal along with a couple of teachers from my old high school have been stealing money that's supposed to be used for the school (for buildings, new equipment, etc)," this woman reveals, "Also the principal's having an affair with the school's resident engineer and they're both married."

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33. Rest In Peace

Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

"My neighbor is pretending to be dead," this person shares, "When she went to Uni her mom found out there's a charge for taking someone off your insurance, but they won't charge you if the person is dead. Long story short, her mom declared her dead and she's totally in on it."

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34. Three's A Crowd

Steve Long on Unsplash

"I know a guy who got his friend to marry him so he can get a green card," this person admits, "Except his friend was already in a relationship. Not only did my friend get married, he also inherited a boyfriend-in-law. Now the three of them live in the same house."

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35. Voodo You Man

Soroush Zargar on Unsplash

"Found out one of my 'closest friends' was paying someone to do some kind of witchcraft/voodoo thing on me because she doesn't want me to do well or succeed," this woman reveals, "There are some crazy people out there like what the hell."

h/t: Ask Reddit

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