18+ Rare Sights We're Glad Someone Snapped A Pic Of

When you see something really out of the ordinary, you know it without a doubt, don't you? And those things will stick with you later. I know I can remember the time a telephone pole across the street from my apartment caught fire. And when the lumber yard nearby caught fire, too.

But I didn't get a pic of them, and I kind of wish I had. No regrets for these folks, though.

Okay, this ruins a bit of our childhoods, right?

Reddit | callme-dino

That's a T. rex fang next to the skull of a velociraptor. Just goes to show that the raptors were not quite what Jurassic Park made us think they were.

Well there's a view of the globe you don't see every day.

Reddit | November036

And a globe you don't see every day, with the Earth in relief. It's pretty fascinating to see all the world's ridges and valleys though, don't you think?

If it wasn't on camera, nobody would believe her story.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Catch of the day indeed! Note: don't ever try to steal this lady's fries. If a rude seagull can't get away with it, nobody can.

This caterpillar looks fake given how it's so yellow it almost glows.

Reddit | PaperTronics

But it's a real creature, a spicebush swallow-tail caterpillar. The butterfly it turns into is largely black, however.

Those heads on Easter Island have bodies buried below them.

Reddit | bigmeat

Which is pretty incredible considering how massive just the heads are. And to think the people of Easter Island carved more than 800 of them!

Not only rare, but sad, too.

Reddit | Silentowns

And kind of ironic — it was clearly a hot day, so some time on the water would have been relaxing and cooling if the kayak hadn't melted.

That doesn't go there.

Reddit | ApolloKid

But it's much easier to get a car into a swimming pool that it is to get the thing out. And what are the odds that the car would find the pool after forgetting the parking brake anyway?

Is this skeeter hitching a very slow lift?

Reddit | Colonel_ChowChow

Or did it make a poor choice for a snack? Either way, you don't often see a mosquito riding a snail's shell.

Actually pretty cool that someone went to this much trouble.

Reddit | Monjize

Bracing a tree branch so it doesn't collapse under its own weight has to be a big task, too.

So glad this isn't a more common mistake.

Reddit | muhnahser

Putting a random page from the wrong book in a text must be a printer's nightmare. I know it wouldn't be much fun for the reader, either.

For some reason, this pigeon is pink.

Reddit | MiteAx

Definitely not how we're used to seeing these city dwellers. I don't know why the pigeon is pink, but there it is.

You'd almost think this was a snake, except for the tiny little legs.

Reddit | cbdhalkyard

Which I believe makes it a skink instead of a snake, but boy is it a close thing.

Meanwhile, this little guy can walk on water.

Reddit | Amithrius

This tiny gecko gives a lesson in surface tension, putting his best feet forward.

Not all bees come with yellow stripes.

Reddit | C_Chris77

This absolutely metal fellow is a neon cuckoo bee, and it happily sports bright blue. You have to head to Australia to see one in the wild, though.

Here's an unusual view of one of its relatives.

Reddit | katttttttttttttt

More traditional coloring, but definitely a less traditional spot to set up shop — right on someone's window.

People of a certain generation will remember these.

Reddit | EvanArcher

But the classic Wendy's tables were supposed to be destroyed. This one managed to survive somehow.

Did she look both ways first?

Reddit | Consirius

Well done to this deer using a crosswalk properly. I know many humans who can match that feat!

These two men aren't brothers.

Reddit | drebler

They didn't even know each other before meeting at a mutual friend's wedding wearing almost identical outfits.

I'll see your doppelgänger and raise you another.

Reddit | thrashbandit

These three gentlemen were seen on public transit. They didn't seem to know each other, even though they look so similar.

Accidental 'South Park.'

Imgur | Edders19

A lot of the time, when people say something looks like another thing, I don't see it. But that lens flare looks exactly like Eric Cartman.

Anybody have a map?

Reddit | Luke-Skywalk

This is another incredible illusion. It definitely looks like a map, but it's actually just the pattern of corrosion on the tap.

Now this is what I call leg room.

Reddit | shadybaby22

This lucky traveller was accidentally booked on a flight that was only intended to transport crew, so she had the entire cabin to herself.

It's pretty uncommon to accidentally create a new optical illusion.

Reddit | SlipperyPockets

A teacher was tracing out poppies for her students to cut out when she realized that the outlines look like they overlap. They don't, but it's trippy.

The italics on the door don't match the shadow.

Reddit | aviatorlj

This is also pretty trippy. The angle of the sun just happens to perfectly counter the angle of the font.

This window looks like there's a different season beyond each pane.

Reddit | pommiegurl130

The illusion is almost perfect, except for the one orange tree peaking out from the wrong side.

A zorse is a beautiful creature with a kind of dumb name.

Carina Maiwald

It's a hybrid made by breeding a male zebra with a female horse. The color and subtle stripes are lovely.

The Paramount logo is an actual painting.

Reddit | exoduscv

It's based off the Ben Lemond peak in Utah. There have been many versions over the years, but this one by Dario Campanile was done for the 75th anniversary in 1986.


Reddit | rbards

Presumably, this vending machine was sick of being kicked and shaken when it failed to dispense, so it decided to just dispense everything at once.

it got so cold in Iowa this past winter that hinges started to frost.

Reddit | TheMadCatterFTW

Not just the exterior part of the hinges but reaching all the way inside the home. Brr.

This is the moment when I admit that sunflowers freak me out.

Reddit | Verryfastdoggo

And that's just normal-sized ones. Ones like this monster terrify me.

No, you're not looking at a swarm of locusts.

Reddit | Gallowboob

Close, though. The sky here is actually filled with thousands upon thousands of starlings which is a type of bird that returns to Rome every autumn in massive groups, like the one you see here.

Now imagine the coleslaw!

Reddit | Ukherewegrow

This hefty cabbage is an absolute monster, weighing in at 67 pounds. And this man certainly looks proud of his mega creation, as he should be.

Winter wonderland in the Upside Down.

Reddit | Palifaith

These beautiful cloud formations have taken this picturesque mountain-side view and turned it into something straight out of Stranger Things. Not that we're complaining, of course.

The wisest tree in the forest.

Reddit | Mazzel3L

Dubbed the "Thinking Tree”, this natural beauty is an an ancient olive tree in found in Puglia, Italy.

You've heard of "Snakes on a Plane", now get ready for...

Reddit | arjuna20

..."Horses on a Plane." A significantly less exciting but still entertaining movie about what happens when someone puts horses on a plane. The answer? Not much.

Imagine the guacamole you could make!

Reddit | Ordner

This massive avocado comes courtesy of a South Florida farm called “Miami Fruit” which can grow the fruit up to 3-feet in length. That pit looks about the size of a regular avocado!

Behold! The biggest seal you'll probably ever see.

Reddit | mrbonelesspiza24

This Elephant Seal was pictured back in the 1930s during its stay at a Berlin Zoo. And no, those aren't just especially small children. This thing was massive and weighed in at over 4000 pounds.

“I work in a hospital. This is the aftermath of a trauma. He lived”⁣⁣⁣⁣

Reddit | Surgeox

This is truly an incredible sight to behold. The absolute chaos of it really drives home the fact that the doctors and nurses had to fly into action at a moment's notice to save this person's life.

The sun setting over the World Trade Center on September 10, 2001.

Reddit | elondrakdrypare

This would turn out to be the very last sunset that those two towers would ever experience, and the last time the towers would appear in the New York skyline at dusk. Truly sobering.

Just tilt your head to the side a little...

Reddit | JamieFindlay

This tilted camera manged to grab a rather peculiar but fascinating snap of the wreck of the Costa Concordia, emphasizing just how wayward the ship truly was in the water.

Quick, make a wish!

Reddit | Drown_In_The_Void

This photographer managed to snap of both a meteor falling and the Milky Way. Not too bad for a candid airplane pic while flying to Australia.

Is it fair to say this rock is definitey groovy baby?

Reddit | PrimalMusk

This is actually polished malachite and I must say, it's positively gorgeous.

A little cloudy.

Reddit | WildestPotato

This cloud may not seem very big from our vantage point, but clearly it's big enough to cast that impressive shadow on everyone else down below.

Ever wanted to wash your hands, boil some carrots and refrigerate milk at the same time?

Reddit | tmc2296

Well now you can with this three-in-one appliance! This will definitely cut down on the amount of unavailable space in your kitchen, but I'm not entirely convinced it's worth it.

What's this? What's this?

Reddit | SummerAndTinkles

Why, it's Jack Skellington made out of various Coca-Cola products! The perfect grocery store display for Halloween or Christmas!

Definitely pic-worthy is this fellow.

Reddit | eru_dite

The rare albino buck is the sort of animal you'd hear legends about once upon a time. What a sight!

How does this even happen?

Reddit | eightsix7five30nine

Clearly a wine glass managed to get embedded in the slice this counter top was made from, a weird flaw to find.

Pictured: one of the smallest vertebrates in the world.

Reddit | moksah822

This sweet little fella is a chameleon from Madagascar, and he's about the size of your nail on your pinky finger. But he's way cuter.

We knew chameleons had some super powers, but didn't expect this.

Reddit | tinywolf2005

Under a UV light, you can see a chameleon's bones — no X-ray necessary. Not so great for camouflage, but hey, how often will it be at a rave?