20 Pieces Of Clothing That Made Us Cringe So Much

Diply 28 Jan 2021

You know those people who had ONE JOB, yet they still somehow managed to mess up? Well, those are the people we like to honor, celebrate, and laugh hysterically at.

These pieces of clothing may say one thing, but what they mean or suggest is actually something entirely different. You're welcome in advance for the laughs you're about to experience.

1. So...which is it? 

Reddit | zapsquad

The text placement on this sweater is honestly everything. EVERYTHING. Why choose to be happy when you can choose to worry? Come on guys, get with the program.

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Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

Except whatever seriously RUDE force of nature decided to break this poor girl's foot? Ankle? Honestly, it doesn't even matter because this is pure gold. Living poetry.

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3. Out of all the words to spell incorrectly, they just had to pick this one. 

11 Points | 11 Points

My question is, did the model just decide to not say anything? Did he not notice?

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4. Whoever made this T-shirt obviously failed geography class. 

ScreenHumor | ScreenHumor

I mean, it's the thought that counts...right? Or were they just trying to meld together Asia and Africa? The confusion is real.

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5. You may have been born "awsome," but you definitely weren't born a great speller. 


And to top it all off, the other one is missing an apostrophe with the word "Daddys."

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6. Looks like Celine Dion decided to rebrand herself. 

Reddit | robb0688

The soulful, bilingual singer of classics that made it to the Titanic soundtrack? Nah, she's more of a heavy metal gal nowadays.

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7. No one can deny that these durable socks are DARN TOUGH. 

Instagram | @deanfromaustralia

Just kidding, we all can deny it. Looks like this sock company might want to consider using a different catchphrase.

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8. So who is it? Me? You? Someone else? 

The Daily Buzz | The Daily Buzz

I feel like the most confusing part of this photo isn't the T-shirt text. It's the mysterious placement of the brown wig.

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9. Boston: the great American city in the heart of Msaeachubaets. 

Imgur | darthelessar

This clothing company obviously didn't have a quality control program in effect. But the spelling was ALMOST accurate.

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10. Here's another instance of how text placement is literally everything. |

Don't even bother believing in yourself, you guys. Just quit! Listen to the wisdom of this high-quality sweater. Stay #woke.

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11. The person who made this polo shirt clearly had some troubles with matching flags to their respective countries. 

The Meta Picture | The Meta Picture

Or maybe they were just showing their support for Britain AND The States.

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12. The manufacturers of this patriotic tank are so good at partying that they're even time travelers! 

iCreative | iCreative

Abraham Lincoln wasn't quite born yet in 1776. But honestly, who's really keeping track?

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13. Leave it to The Gap to give us the essential V-neck. 

The World Viral News | The World Viral News

I think we can all agree that this T-shirt is more of a scoop-neck style. But they were SO close.

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14. The maker of this T-shirt was so excited about football, they forgot to put an apostrophe in "Lets."

Express Writers | Express Writers

Sigh. There are some great quality control branches out there, people.

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15. Guys! Don't forget to stay "wierd!"

Your Next Shoes | Your Next Shoes

As concerning as this spelling mistake is, what's more concerning is the lesson this sweater is trying to teach. Who has the time and money for all of that?

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16. When the term "sound it out" gets taken a little too literally. 

Camera+ | Klovharu

Imagine showing up to an actual game while sporting this jersey. Ah, what a time to be alive.

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17. Anyone would feel safe knowing that they're being protected by a security guard with such impressive spelling skills. 

YouTube | Adriana Minadi

The poor guy, honestly. I almost feel bad for him.

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18. When you just love them both SO much. 

Imgur | darthelessar

I love the alternative spelling of California here. Almost as much as I love the implication that New York is in California.

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19. What about trying "if YOU'RE single?"

The Friendly Stickler | The Friendly Stickler

Regardless of the horrifying grammar issues here, this T-shirt is just plain stupid. What does this even mean? Who would ever buy this? Pass.

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20. It warms my heart when I see unsuspecting people from foreign countries wearing shirts with messages that they can't translate. |

Imagine being the English teacher at this school and trying to keep a straight face.

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21. Oh, wow!

Reddit | saggywizardsleeve

Dang, are all September guys like this? If you are, comment down below!

But also be warned, you will pretty much be incriminating yourself.

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22. "I suggest you buckle up BUTTERCUP! I change for NO ONE!!"

Reddit | Superdream93

Officially adding that line to my dating profile.

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23. Who knew bowling could bring out such rage in people!

Reddit | kervin006_2

I don't think I would start anything with anyone who is surrounded by a countless number of 15-pound bowling balls, anyways.

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24. This sweater should have never been offered as a hoodie option in the first place.

Reddit | m_delacour

This is just a giant case of "yikes!"

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25. This tie dye is next level "whaaaaaaaaaaat?!"

Reddit | clhomme

First of all, I mean, the tie dye isn't even pleasant. Second, did they really have to place it there? And in that color?

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26. This is a case of marketing gone wrong.

Reddit | sdgallagher

You'd think they would at least give the shirt a good iron to match the slogan, but nope. Not one ounce of a heck was given!

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27. Who knows! Maybe there is a place in New York that has the old red telephone booths on display!

Reddit | BuzCluz

The embroidery is nice, at least?

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28. Well, I have to say. I'm not even sure what this is!

Reddit | girolski07

Regardless, if you wanted to recreate this interesting belt loop belt, you could absolutely DIY an old pair of jeans!

But, I am curious. How does one even style this?

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29. This sweater is rude!

Reddit | MelancholyDrugs

Oh, it's supposed to say Saturday!

Wait. What is the point of this on a sweater anyways?

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