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10+ Regular People Who Think They Look Just Like Celebrities

Shout out to the internet for giving us access to a long list of regular samaritans that truly believe they look like celebrities, when in fact, they look like the very opposite.

Who are these so-called "people" telling this kid he looks like Zac Efron? |

Don't get his hopes up like that. Nobody can look like Zac Efron.

There can only be one.

Here, just in case you forgot what Zac Efron looks like.

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Proof that that kid looked nothing like him.

Anyways. Thank you, next.

Oh, Michael, I hate to burst your bubble...

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Maybe he doesn't mean Drake the rapper? Maybe he means Drake Bell?

But still — no. Not even close.

If you cover up your face and hair entirely, I'm pretty sure you could look like any celebrity you want.

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He obviously looks nothing like James Franco, I'm sorry to say. But he probably looks even less like him without the sunglasses and hat.

Again, this begs the question, what "people" are telling this girl she looks like Rihanna?

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They all need to get their eyes checked because this woman does not resemble Rihanna — not even a little bit.

A gentle reminder that just because you have a similar haircut to somebody doesn't mean you look like them.

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Whoever is putting the idea in this boy's head that he looks like Riri are not his true friends.

The sooner he realizes his bae looks like Bill Cosby, the better.

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Who are all these people out here thinking they look like Rihanna when they look like anyone but Rihanna?

People really need to stop thinking they look like Rihanna.

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There can only be one, I hate to break it to you.

End of discussion. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Okay, first of all, how dare she hate on my girl Demi Lovato. That's a cardinal sin in my books.

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Second of all, I highly doubt anyone has told her she looks like Demi, because she just straight up doesn't.

I don't blame this girl for wanting to look like Beyoncé — or even trying to convince people that she does.

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But alas, the truth will always prevail.

You don't look like Beyoncé, Shayáqua. Sorry, not sorry.

And quite frankly, it's plain disrespectful for ANYONE to ever compare themselves to Queen Bey.

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Let's just get one thing clear, here. None of us are worthy.

This has to be a joke.

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You really have to wonder how these people arrive at these insane conclusions?...

Because surely, no has actually told her she looks like Lana Del Rey.

Nobody looks like a young Johnny Depp except the young Johnny Depp. He was one of a kind. Don't @ me.

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That being said, this guy especially doesn't look like a young Johnny Depp.

Let's just take a brief moment to reflect on how truly beautiful and swoon-worthy Johnny Depp was.

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Him in Cry Baby will forever be my childhood crush.

It's definitely just you.

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Maybe if you tilt your head sideways and squint your eyes until they're nearly shut, then she could look like Britney Spears. But only then.

Should you tell her or should I?

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Oh, honey. I hate to bring you this disappointing news, but you don't look anything like Kim Kardashian.

I'm sure that girl wants to believe she looks like Kim K. I totally understand that — I mean, look at her.

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But the reality is there is absolutely zero resemblance between the two.

Okay, at first I was like, there's no way this little girl looks like a fully grown male athlete. But...

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The longer I stare at this photo, the more I see it.

Maybe the nurse doesn't actually know what Justin Bieber looks like?

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She was obviously mistaken — if that story is even true.

And even if that did happen, it shouldn't be the thing that makes your life a "success".

I suppose maybe he sorta looks like a knock-off version of J-Biebs.

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Their resemblance is really nothing to write home about.

For all we know, this person does look like Kylee Jander. We don't know who Kylee Jander is or what she looks like.

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But I can say with confidence that she doesn't look anything like Kylie Jenner.

Just because you're wearing something turquoise does not mean you look like Kylie.

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Besides, she's been over the turquoise phase for years now. That ship has sailed.

What on earth would we do for entertainment without the delusional people of the world wide web, amirite?

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Let us know who your favorite "look-a-like" was from this list!