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12+ People Whose Neighbors Are Just A Little Too Out There

People say you can't pick your family, and I'd say you also can't really pick your neighbors, either. Moving in somewhere is like rolling the dice and gambling on just who you're going to end up living beside.

If you're lucky, it's someone you'll get along splendidly with, or maybe even someone you won't talk to but whom you'll also never have any beef with. If you're not so lucky, you end up with... well, these people. They aren't all bad, per se. Just interesting.

Check out all these people whose neighbors are out here doing their best to keep the neighborhood as exciting as possible.

1. Exposed.

Reddit | Y_Ampersand

"My neighbor busted out the color printed to shame this dog user," one person wrote.

Getting caught on camera not picking up your dog's business is pretty bad. Getting called out for it via a Maury meme is even worse.

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2. Peek-a-boo.


"My arsehole of a neighbor leaves this in his window to scare passers-by."

Personally, I think the people on the street are less likely to be affected by this than anyone living directly opposite that second-story window. Maybe this person didn't realize they're the real target of their neighbor's spooky joke.

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3. Game over.

Reddit | blackmomba

This person's neighbor was a little tired of dealing with balls hitting their window. So naturally they installed a series of spikes to put an end to all that.

I'm guessing this is the same neighbor who hands out raisins and crackers on Halloween.

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4. A'hoy up there.

Reddit | DTIT1TD

This person's neighbor had a balcony, an excess of cardboard, and a pirate flag. Are you saying they shouldn't have made a floating pirate ship? Honestly, genius. Thankfully they opted not to include a plank because no one should be walking that, no matter what their sea crimes.

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5. 'Thorry' about your yard.

Reddit | AgentVT

"I always find things the kids next door always toss in my backyard," one user wrote. "Then this morning..."

Everything about the placement of this discarded hammer is perfect, but I'd just love to meet those neighborhood kiddos who have been deemed worthy enough to wield such power. Hope their classmates don't step out of line, or else.

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6. Extreme flower pot.

Reddit | EZ_does_it

"For the past two days, my neighbor has an agave plant in his truck," this user wrote. "He's been watering it and everything. I haven't had the courage to ask him why yet."

As another user helpfully pointed out, "He's probably watering it so it doesn't die." Consider this mystery solved.

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7. A skeleton dude for every mood.

Reddit | Point21Gigawatts

What's the worst part about every holiday? Taking down the decorations afterwards, of course. But this person's neighbor cheated the system and decided one set of decorations could appropriately stay up all year round, with a few adjustments at various holidays.

Skeletons are less spooky when they're sporting festive Fourth of July hats, right?

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8. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?

Reddit | poldridge

This person's neighbor uses a cutout of The Rock to scare away any potential intruders.

Would you ever dare to break into a home that Dwayne Johnson was inside? No, of course you wouldn't, because you're not stupid and you're pretty happy with where all your bones are in your body.

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9. Job half done.

Reddit | Obsidian_Mcknight

"Our neighbors very precisely only cleaned their part of the wall," this user wrote.

There is truly no limit to this neighbor's pettiness, but can we briefly appreciate the skill at work here? Look at how perfectly divided that post is.

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10. Keep out.

Reddit | tommytron5000

This person's neighbor installed a single gate on their driveway to keep people from driving up to their home.

However, judging from the tire marks in the grass, I'd say this wasn't quite the genius investment they thought it would be. People will always find a way, especially if they don't care about anything.

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11. When garbage day is after date night.

Reddit | bnasty22

"So my neighbors put a headboard out for the trash and apparently forgot something," this person shared.

Hey, we all make mistakes. But most of those mistakes aren't usually so personally revealing about us.

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12. Petty change.

Reddit | dreampopper

You know even just by looking at that wheelbarrow that there's a good story behind this one.

"My neighbor owed me $288.66 for my vet bills after his Great Dane attacked my Golden," this person wrote. "This is how he paid me, one day before I was going to take him to Small Claims Court."

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13. Passive-aggressive paint job.

Reddit | aquabird

To be fair, it doesn't seem like this Bob person necessarily specified how he wanted his neighbor's fence to be painted. So I mean, who should we really be placing the blame on here?

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14. In case you were wondering.

Reddit | Mat145

When some people believe something strongly enough, they'll go out of their way to project those beliefs onto everyone around them.

"New neighbors' car," one user wrote. "Not sure we'll get along."

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15. Perhaps it's time to mooove.

Reddit | tikotanabi

I mean, what else can you do when the neighbor's cows keep tearing the siding off of your shed? Sure, maybe another barrier could work, but those cows are clearly crafty.

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16. Maybe skip the welcome basket.

Imgur | yosoyfrijole

Nothing like having new neighbors move in, only to see that this is the "welcome" mat they've chosen to put out. They seem friendly, don't they?

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17. Please don't point that at my house.

Reddit | chris552393

I'm not sure that the fact that it's a space rocket rather than a missile makes me feel any better. Though it does make it cooler.

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18. There's no excuse for this.

Reddit | KhloeKodaKitty

The garbage chute is right there! Just do the last step. What time are you actually saving by doing 99% of the chore?

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19. People have such diverse hobbies.

Reddit | [deleted]

Like this neighbor who has made a mile-long rope of bottle caps. It is unclear whether or not the pile of rope is always just sitting in the middle of the lawn.

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20. Well, that's creepy.

Reddit | Jessica6780

Yes, that's a neighbor filming the person from their window. Apparently, this is a common occurrence. I would be putting in a higher fence ASAP.

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21. This is not the way to go about it.

Reddit | hospoda

I mean, I get that it's weird when neighbors can watch you through a window, but maybe try curtains before resorting to something like this?

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22. Fire hazard.

Reddit | TheCubeZero

Pro tip: don't put hot charcoal from your grill directly into the garbage bin.

Just don't put hot things in the garbage, period.

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23. Fences are the worst.

Imgur | WhatAreThisss

I have a wonky lot, which means I share portions of my fence with FIVE different neighbors. Dealing with opinions on how broken is too broken, costs of repairs, and whose wallet is responsible makes you just want to avoid dealing with it at all.

This is not the correct choice, however.

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24. Somebody lose a giant hamburger?

Imgur | Kifah

As far as I can tell, the homeowner never discovered where the giant, inflatable hamburger came from. It remains a mystery.

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25. According to the post, the person was just putting a tripod together.

Reddit | [deleted]

There was no actual camera until this sign appeared across the way. I would start lining up empty tripods and wait for the cops to arrive.

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26. Passive-aggressive.


Judging by the rest of the shot, my guess is that the neighbor on the right complained about noise from what looks like a motorcross track.

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27. Don't mess with bin limits.

Reddit | midwifejess

If you live in a place with a limit on how much trash can be picked up, you know this battle. Nothing like opening your bin to discover it's already full with someone else's overflow.

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28. Thanks for the powerwash.

Reddit | hmstemeraire

Powerwashing is so satisfying, but less so when your neighbor does this to your entryway.

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29. Party animals.

Imgur | methinksmebreathesmelastmefears

So Jägermeister, various other alcohol options, and a whole lot of Nitrous Oxide. Sounds like a fun night.

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30. Low maintenance.

Reddit | Slidersawesome

Yes, that's a "planted" plastic plant. As someone with a black thumb, I'm not wholly against the idea, but this execution leaves something to be desired.

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31. Neighborhood soap opera.

Reddit | black_umbrella_11

If this guy really did get a girl pregnant and then ghost her, that's awful, but she also seems pretty crazy.

Why are there pickles?!

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32. Avian hoarder.

Reddit | NineteenEighty9

Before you freak out, those are all fake. Good? Okay. Carry on.

"Neighbor found dozens of duck decoys when cleaning out his shed," this user shared.

I spy about eight or nine fake geese in there two. All that's missing is a partridge in a pear tree.

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33. At least the last guy's ducks were fake...

Reddit | Angelpanik

This neighbor likes to feed the ducks, which was sweet until more and more ducks decided to move into the neighborhood.

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34. Keep it down but also keep it clean.


Sometimes, people are a bit more considerate when issuing a noise complaint to their neighbors. In this case, these people went the extra mile with their complaint and threw in a few goodies to encourage the good times keep going, albeit with just a little less noise.

"Friendly neighbors are the best neighbors," this person wrote.

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