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12+ Forgetful People Who Messed Up Big Time

Caitlyn Clancey

Did you remember to turn off the stove? Have you forgotten the combination to your lock? Ever left someone on "read" for hours because you just forgot they ever texted you in the first place?

Some of us are blessed with excellent memories. But some of us aren't quite so lucky and find ourselves consistently smacking our foreheads a-la Homer Simpson and expressing disbelief at our own forgetfulness.

Here are some people who forgot some pretty big things and had to face the hilarious consequences of their actions. Or, in some cases, their inaction.

1. Roll 'em up.

Reddit | Bp0tt3R

See kids, this is what happens when you forget to roll up your window and a snow storm blows through. My suggestion? Start shoveling.

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2. Passport to nowhere.

Reddit | czmax

Any traveler out there knows the fear of getting all the way to the airport and realizing you forgot your passport at home. Well, what if you managed to remember to grab it, and then left it in an airport bathroom along with your boarding pass?

This sounds like the stuff of nightmares for me. Especially since the person who posted this blunder helpfully told other Reddit users that, judging from the ticket helpfully tucked into that passport, "Their flight left 2 hours ago." Yeah, I'm guessing they weren't on it.

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3. New recipe?

Reddit | ihavesoreballs

I'm not exactly sure how someone just forgot to take the spoon out of batter but somehow they did.

And somehow, it ended up getting baked right into this cake. And my teeth are aching just thinking about the person who took that first bite and realized the cake had really and truly betrayed them.

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4. Perfect shine every time.

Reddit | screamicide

House-training puppies is no easy feat, and you'll inevitably end up with some messes you'll have to clean. Usually, that's no big deal when you're armed with paper towels and disinfectant.

But if you forget the Roomba is due to come cruising through the kitchen for a little midday clean, you may end up with a bigger mess than you started with.

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5. Literal fail.

Twitter | @RealDiegoFranco

I've had stress dreams of this exact situation, but never actually forgot what day one of my finals was. Unfortunately for Diego, his memory wasn't as good as mine.

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6. Help.


Decorating your car is all fun and games until you forget about the weather and leave your vehicle to bake under the hot sun.

Now your adorably squishy dashboard ducky has turned into a horrifying and seemingly deeply betrayed dashboard puddle.

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7. I think it's done.

Reddit | Skiddle1138

This person forgot they had been in the process of preparing some homemade caramel in what I can only assume is now a former kitchen pot.

The result was this molten, charred mushroom cloud. A bitter reminder of the sweet, sweet caramel that could have been but now never will be.

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8. Bit of a tight squeeze.

Reddit | kamehamehameow

If you can't remember exactly just how tall your truck is, maybe it's a good idea to avoid small tunnels with height restrictions. Circle did not get the square here.

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9. Not-so-mellow yellow.

Reddit | needmorexanax

I used to love watching the paint experts at Home Depot put the cans in those mixing machines so the color could go the ride of its life and get perfectly blended.

But I'll admit, I did wonder what would happen if one of these employees forgot to close the lid of a can properly.

This. This is what happens.

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10. Feeling a little green today.

Reddit | sunshinyanny

When this person let their beautiful, white-furred dog go outside to play, they happened to forget that the lawn was freshly mowed, leading to this unfortunate dye-job that probably took several unwanted baths to get rid of.

Poor doggo.

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11. When you leave the kids in charge of closing the doors.

Reddit | sn00perz

Honestly, I'd say this person's first mistake was thinking their children would remember to shut the doors of their van.

Clearly, they had more important things on their mind, and they were clearly ready to go play in the snow without thinking about how much of that powdery goodness would end up inside the family bus. Oops.

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12. Bug spray? Never heard of her.

Reddit | npea777

This person forgot to pack the OFF when it came time to go camping. I'm not exactly sure if he also forgot that he'd be sleeping in the middle of a mosquito colony because there is no other explanation for why he ended up with so many bites.

Unless his blood just extra yummy and every mosquito in the state wanted a lil taste.

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13. I think you forgot something.


I mean, it could be worse. The shovel could be sticking directly up out of the road. At least this way, it's more of a pothole-type-situation.

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14. I thought you said you grabbed the keys?

Reddit | Xander395

I'm not sure what exactly the situation is here, but from an outsider's perspective, it would appear that these pilots forgot to keep the plane door open.

Or they forgot their keys to get inside. That is, if planes have keys... Either way, this flight is definitely going to be a little delayed. Sorry, folks.

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15. When the editor is having an off day.


This is like when you're writing those college essays and you type INSERT EPIC CONCLUSION HERE, and then hand in the paper without remembering to actually insert that epic conclusion first.

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16. Officer, I can explain.

Reddit | MahatmaBlondhi

Yes, this looks really bad. And yes, the cops were definitely called. But as it turns out, this is all because one person neglected to put away all their Halloween decorations before they went to bed.

Which is a hilarious oversight, but the six cops, fire truck, and ambulance that arrived on scene the next morning probably didn't find it that funny.

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17. Little icy.


This is what happens when you forget to put the ice tray back in the freezer. On the plus side, you can guarantee this person enjoyed nothing but the chillest drinks possible for about a month.

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18. Opportunity seized.


Suffice it to say, this person won't be forgetting to lock their car next time. Yikes.

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19. Cold hard cash.


This person forgot they spilled some water in the coin tray and then went to go feed the meter after leaving their car to sit in the cold for awhile. Might want to fnd another parking spot today.

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20. Did Batman ever have this problem?

Reddit | vertigo1084

This person forgot they'd parked their jeep over top of their underground garage, which made for a pretty nasty surprise when they attempted to impress their neighbors with their nifty contraption. They then realized they'd squashed one vehicle in the process of revealing another.

Maybe don't be so fancy next time and just park in a garage like the rest of us?

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21. Did you remember the sunscreen?

Reddit | 2susan

I can physically feel the heat radiating off this photo and it's making me super uncomfortable. We need aloe, stat!

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22. "Strange parking job Bill, but whatever floats your...oh, never mind."

Reddit | jagershotzz

On the one hand, this person forgetting to put their drain plugs into their boat made for a pretty surreal picture.

On the other hand, I would not want to be these two gentleman on the dock right now who appear to be tasked with figuring out how to retrieve this sideways submerged craft. Good luck, fellas.

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23. It's a "nope" for me, thanks.

Reddit | BananaDick_CuntGrass

This person forgot they put a sticky trap down and left it to catch critters for an entire month. Now they're too terrified to touch it, but I'd be a bit more terrified of the creepy-crawlies that my house, apparently, is not lacking in. Eesh.

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24. Error.

Reddit | larhavoc

I'm guessing this particular piece of technology isn't waterproof. Don't you wish your memory was just a tiny bit better?

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25. "What now?"

Reddit | kirvesperce

Sometimes we're the ones who hurt ourselves. And sometimes we forget that we need to give ourselves a grace area while painting, otherwise this happens.

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26. Mamma Mia!


What happens when you forget to put your frozen pizza on a pan inside the oven? You get this absolute disaster. Eat up, kids.

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27. Dry your eyes.


When this person let the floodgates open for a good cry, they forgot they had just applied some self-tanner. Don't worry, it's not that noticeable...

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28. Let's talk about magnets.


Someone put the wrong bed in the same room as an MRI. For anyone who doesn't know what the M in that stands for, it means "magnetic".

And if you forget that, you get this situation.

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29. Is it, though?

Reddit | DMAS1638

I don't know enough about engineering to definitively say that this is wrong, but, well, it looks wrong.

If I had any doubt, the handy label on the floor helps re-affirm my belief.

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30. Neighbors seem nice.

Reddit | bnasty22

A couple threw out this headboard and apparently didn't notice that they left something on it. Maybe they're police officers, or maybe this is exactly what it appears to be.

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31. Packing light?

Reddit | CubatahavanaReport

This is every traveler's worst nightmare. I'm guessing this must have been an early-morning, bleary-eyed departure for the driver to not notice that they literally forgot everything on their way to the airport.

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32. It's a feature, not a bug.

Reddit | Personalreferencept

Sure, you could look at this and think that there's no way water should be coming out of an electrical outlet. But hey, running water is also a luxury, so maybe this is a good thing.

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33. Security's getting pretty lax.

Reddit | SporksAndForks

When you work in a big warehouse, safety is key. Usually, this means keeping your hard hat on and adhering to OSHA regulations.

Keeping bears out should go without saying, but sometimes even this doesn't happen.

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34. Who designed this place?

Reddit | katewhiteshark

It seems like every building in the world is full of mysterious switches, switches whose purposes are only understood by the person who installed them.

In this case, we know what this switch does...but we don't know why.

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35. Put your lids back on.

Reddit | gerudogal

When you're recovering from the previous night, a bottle of Gatorade can be your best friend.

Just remember to put the lid back on, because that stuff is super sticky on hardwood.

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36. Sawing logs.

Reddit | chubbybooger

Everyone knows what it's like to give in to the urge to take a catnap. It's a glorious glorious, in fact, that this guy decided to catch a few z's in a wood chipper.

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37. Fire hazard, exhibit A.

Reddit | Npug78

Back in the days of candles and gas lighting, the world was full of fire hazards. Things are safer now, but that doesn't mean that dumb humans can't create entirely new kinds of fire hazards.

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38. Even celebs mess up.

Reddit | im_wabbit_hunting

This is almost comforting. Jonah Hill might be a big star, but even he isn't above making this forgetful mistake.

Jonah, my man, you need to grip your drink by the cup, not by the lid.

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39. It'll probably be fine.

Reddit | coughycoffee

Sometimes you've gotta channel your inner MacGyver to find a solution.

This keeps the outlet out of the floodwaters temporarily, but given that it's apparently been forgotten about, things will probably get worse before they get better.

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40. When you're clumsy, you're clumsy.

Reddit | Salty_Ninja_

I don't know what specific model this is, how much it costs, or how long it took to build. All I know is that it's now on the floor and doesn't look particularly salvageable.

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41. Oof.

Reddit | sloubi_

Those who've made lasagna know that it's a painstaking, hours-long process to create such a delicious dish.

That's why it's extra crucial that it be handled with care and not dropped all over the floor.

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42. Should've tied them down.

Reddit | JPDLD

You're looking at three, count 'em, three Boeing 737 fuselages that have become half-submerged in a river.

This costly gaffe happened when the train they were traveling on derailed in Montana back in 2014.

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43. "You forgot something..."

Reddit | powergirlpanties

Apparently this person worked at a dog daycare centre and would take their own dog to work with them. However, one day they forgot to take their dog home and received this picture from their manager saying, "you forgot something."

From the dog's expression, it's gonna take a lot of treats to win him back over.

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44. When you forget to take the chocolate Easter bunny out of the car.

Reddit | SuperFishy

Jesus wept! It looks like it's softly screaming, "Kill me..." through whatever vocal cords it has remaining!

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45. The replacement car seat.

Reddit | Big-D_OdoubleG

According to the guy who took this, his wife forgot to leave him the baby's car seat, so when she asked how he was going to get the baby to the sitter's, he sent her this picture.

Oh, and then he turned his phone off for 4 hours!

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46. Frantic arms waving at pilot

Reddit | akashdas323

Picks up single screw

"Now what was I meant to do with this? Meh, can't be anything important!"

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47. "Where do you think you're going, John?"

Reddit | Resieh

Yep, this person forgot to feed their cat. It's clearly not something that their cat is going to be quick to forget!

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48. Way to go dad!

Reddit | ReadingFromTheToilet

In case you're struggling to read it, the text says: "LOST: Because my dad royally messed up and forgot to close my doggy door & now my mom and sister are ugly crying."

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49. Everyone say "cheese!"

Reddit | bucalemdave

When it came time for this person's family picture, they forgot to put on their glasses to correct their lazy eye. Thankfully, their brother was available for a little Photoshop job and, according to the poster, managed to "fix" the picture.

The family that looks in two different directions together stays together.

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50. Do you have a girlfriend?

Reddit | stchy_5

Yeah, this fool was so drunk at a festival that he forgot he had his girlfriend on his shoulders. Thankfully, someone managed to capture the exact moment that he was about to no longer have a girlfriend.

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51. Now...what am I forgetting?

Reddit | Dreyyy

This job took two trips to Home Depot, and a whole day of installing, all while the person doing it had a hernia, according to their post!

Looks like this family are going to have some uncomfortable trips to the toilet for the next few weeks.

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52. Who labelled this?

Reddit | seathdarcstar

Apparently, this boss frequently forgets that one of their employees is color blind, and gets them to price out new inventory without realizing.

Good on this employee for giving it a go though! Who's to say that this vase isn't green?

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53. So this guy forgot his wallet before getting gas and in his words, had to be "that guy."

Reddit | porkchopz-

What he has here are about $11 worth of quarters and likely a very sheepish look on his face.

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54. Winesicle

Reddit | backfromspain

This is obviously a truly heartbreaking loss of wine; but also, if you could get that out of there somehow, that would be one hell of an ice-pop! This can still be salvaged!

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55. "Should I have removed my glasses?"

Reddit | maggiemoocorgipoo

Who knew that if the dentist forgets to tell you to remove your glasses before a panoramic x-ray, that you will actually turn into a horrific cartoon-esque monster!?

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56. "Wife forgot about tooth fairy duty and is sound asleep."

Reddit | BraveTerran

This father relished the opportunity to be the tooth fairy after his wife fell asleep and forgot to write the note herself. Can't imagine their kid will be too thrilled with this new sarcastic, passive-aggressive tooth fairy!

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57. Forgot to lock the workstation

Reddit | xurtch

When this poor intern forgot to lock their computer, someone changed the background to the blue screen of death.

Apparently, they rebooted the computer several times while infuriated before realizing what the problem really was.

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58. "Forgot the dog's lead, so had to improvise!"

Reddit | pimack

That's a shockingly good idea, given the current state of affairs. Just make sure it doesn't cause your dog to act all jumpy.

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59. "Keep Learning Science, Kids."

Reddit | GavinWakeUpCall

This man's wife suggested they take their son to "an epic playground", which sounds like it'll make for a super fun afternoon. What he forgot, however, was that his wife also said this park was located at a church.

So, I'd say the Satanism shirt is a bit much for the occasion. Perhaps he should keep a good distance from the church, just in case.

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