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16+ Brutal Pics That Prove That Nature Is No Playground

For a lot of people, there's something peaceful and uplifting about going on a nature hike. They can be pretty exhausting depending on the terrain they're passing through, but nature is full of enough stimulating sights, sounds, and smells that it still feels rewarding.

Of course, a person's mileage on this may vary depending on what's going on in their area. Because despite the fact that nature has more than its share of adorable, timid animals, it has just as many that aren't exactly soothing to encounter.

But be that as it may, they're still absolutely fascinating to look at.

1. It's entirely possible that we're looking at a picture of a tiger wiping out, but it manages to look majestic either way.

Reddit | dirtscoolerthanukno

And it's easy to feel conflicted because while it certainly looks impressive in this shot, the photo also shows off its muscles and by extension, how much damage that claw would probably do if it hit us.

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2. This pepper plant isn't particularly exciting, but the same can't be said for what's going on behind it.

Reddit | bmorebirdz

What we're looking at is the result of a parasitic wasp laying its eggs on a caterpillar. After they hatch, the larvae will end up devouring the bug from the inside.

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3. Not only is this an impressive bison, but it's demonstrating what kind of beast it takes to survive what looks like a harsh winter.

Reddit | SirCampalot

Is it possible to be covered in this much snow without looking at least a little bit miserable?

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4. If you're not a big fan of daddy long legs, seeing one of its cousins might convince you that they're not so bad.

Reddit | Joliot

Here we see the spiny harvestman, which teaches us that we're pretty blessed if we can't describe the spiders in our area as "pointy."

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5. When a human couple fights, being the third wheel can feel sad and awkward all at once, but it could be worse.

Reddit | Trafalgaladen

After all, even if you can manage to be the third wheel during a lion couple's argument without being eaten, it still looks like a pretty terrifying experience.

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6. If you see an otter in the wild, it's probably best to look past the cute and cuddly exterior and realize it's capable of this.

Reddit | eakfus

Most of us are rightfully afraid of crocodiles, but it can be hard to adjust to the fact that the crocodile had a good reason to be afraid of this guy.

Honestly, "Don't mess with something that kills crocodiles" is a good rule of thumb in general because that also applies to the surprisingly vicious hippopotamus.

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7. If you come across a creature that looks like this, it's a dead giveaway that there's some Akanthomyces fungus in the area.

Reddit | TedTheHappyGardener[

According to the Maryland Biodiversity Project, this fungus is known to infect moths and emerge from the ones they kill in these rod-like structures.

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8. Experienced hunters can eventually expect to see a deer's antlers show velvet, but something much more intense occurs when that happens to a moose.

Reddit | YourGrandmasFavorite

The moose will often try to scrape it off using tree trunks, but their attempts to do so are powerful enough to strip the bark off those trees.

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9. Seeing bugs impaled on blades of grass like this isn't as uncommon as you might think.

Reddit | TripleBeam87

That's because this is often what a bird known as a shrike does to keep its prey from going anywhere before it actually eats them.

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10. It may be small and it might have a cutesy name, but the cookiecutter shark can be just as fearsome as its larger counterparts.

Reddit | Freezemeister7895

Not only does it have an intimidating set of teeth in its mouth, but it's known to be one of the more aggressive sharks.

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11. These two kudu bulls died together at Abu Camp in Botswana.

Reddit | Pardusco

As a guide named Rex Masupe told Africa Geographic, this rare event happened because one of them broke the other's spine while they were fighting, but this turned out to be a Pyrrhic victory because the winner's horns were locked on the loser's.

Since it couldn't go anywhere like this, it eventually died too.

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12. Speaking of fights that had no winners, these two snakes proved to be each other's downfall.

Reddit | shadynastis

Although one of them ensured the other would be too laden with poison to slither away from this encounter, the poisoned snake managed to constrict around its assassin before it died.

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13. While the uploader was rafting, they came across a spider that a lot of people wouldn't want to be anywhere near.

Reddit | Ilovespam6969

If it seems like this spider somehow has dozens of butts, that's because it's carrying its babies on its back right now.


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14. There are only a few places where this would become clear, but it turns out that a raccoon is perfectly capable of eating an iguana.

Reddit | PeterVanCyka

The lizard didn't end up on the menu without a fight, but there was never any point where it had the upper hand against the trash panda.

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15. If it seems obvious as to which spider should win this fight, it turns out that looks can be deceiving.

Reddit | 888666er

If you look closer, you'll see that the larger one is hanging limp in the smaller one's web.

This shows that much like in the human world, a fighter's size isn't always the deciding factor.

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16. It seems like every natural phenomenon was very interested in wreaking havoc near Valencia when this was taken.

Reddit | Spudd13

After all, not only is a lightning bolt crackling across the sky, but it's doing so over a raging forest fire.

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17. It doesn't take a very close look to understand that this isn't a very good day for this frog.

Reddit | qevoh

If you get enough ants together, you'll find that there's a pretty short list of things they can't accomplish together.

And it looks like we can cross "subdue and transport an entire frog" off that list.

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18. This vulture is clearly very proud to have found a big meal in this fallen zebra.

Reddit | exoduscv

Although it's sad to see a zebra go like this, there's something striking about the way the vulture is extending its wing.

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19. That deer is a second away from a really bad night.

Reddit | russki4ever

It's hard to say if the owl realized it was a deer. They hunt mostly by sound and it's possible they thought they were diving for a rodent.

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20. We think of peacocks as fussy birds more concerned with looking good and attracting mates.

Reddit | VerbotenPublish

But they can fly, and when they do, they look pretty epic.

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21. Imagine being so badass that you'll destroy a whole ecosystem just to get some lunch.

Reddit | Rganibi

Why bother actually hunting for your prey when you can just set their habitat on fire and pick them out of the running crowd?

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22. The way a Surinam Mother Toad gives birth is seriously unsettling.

Reddit | VerbotenPublish

Technically, she's not giving birth. These toads carry their eggs on their backs to protect them, complete with growing a new layer of skin over top.

So when the eggs hatch, dozens of baby toads break through her skin.

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23. Sometimes we don't even realize when the brutality of nature is happening right near us.

Reddit | Jimmyhides

The Redditor who shared this pic said that there were 30-40 people swimming right there when this snake snatched a frog and slithered up the tree to enjoy its meal. They didn't even notice.

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24. If this Great White Heron thought a little green snake was easy prey, it was very wrong.

Reddit | Zusical

I know we shouldn't try to attribute human emotions to wild animals, but I can't help it with this picture.

Snake: Take that! You'll never eat me!

Bird: WTF?

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25. You'd be forgiven if you assumed this was some sort of dinosaur skull, but it's not.

Reddit | Time_Hater

It's the skull of an orca whale, once again reminding us of why they're referred to as killer whales.

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26. I'm glad I don't live in a place where lions having breakfast is a legitimate reason to be late for work.

Reddit | RoeHogan

And yet, at the same time, I miss out on getting to see nature in action.

The best I've got is having to detour around angry geese.

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27. this is closer to something that might happen in my neck of the woods.

Reddit | paradoxinvesting

New Yorkers are stereotyped as not caring about anything else as they commute through the busy streets, but lots of people stopped to watch this peregrine falcon eat a pigeon.

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28. This penguin is unimpressed after an altercation with a seal.

Reddit | Zusical

Look at those eyes. Those are the eyes of a badass who should never have been messed with. Seal picked the wrong penguin.

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29. This penguin was not so lucky.

Reddit | eakfus

Instead, it's life is flashing before its eyes as those jaws go in for the kill.

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30. While animal parents will provide for their children for a while, eventually those babies need to learn to hunt for themselves.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

This caracal kitten looks very possessive of its prize, doesn't it?

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31. This is what a horse's hoof looks like without the exterior hood.

Reddit | AntRadio

It's actually possible for the outside to peel off in rare accidents, often involving getting caught in something while running at high speed.

The outside will regrow, but it takes about a year and could be deformed.

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32. In addition to having rhyming names, seagulls and eagles have both proved themselves to be daring birds.

Reddit | void_burglar

Indeed, once it saw its buddy in the eagle's talons, this seagull didn't hesitate to try and fight the larger bird off.

Not that it seems to matter all that much to the eagle.

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33. This bird seems to have made a terrible mistake, but it's actually evolved specifically for this.

Reddit | lediath

The European honey buzzard feeds on wasps, hornets, bees, and other small creatures. The feathers on its head are arranged to help protect the skin from stingers and scientists believe their feathers contain a chemical deterrent for stinging as well.

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34. A wolf eel isn't exactly a pleasant sight, but there's something different about this one's aesthetic.

Reddit | chickcag[

You may have noticed that it's sporting some pink teeth and this is apparently the result of eating a bunch of sea urchins.

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