20 People Who Couldn't Help Adding Their Own Special Something

The world that we have created can feel a little stale every now and then, a little boring even. And so, there are some people who take it upon themselves to spice it up a little.

Therefore, with this in mind, from people who left clay monsters in the weirdest places to individuals who revolutionized tunnels, here are 20 people who couldn't help adding their own special something!

Thanks For The Heads Up!

There were a lot of Prius owners leaping to the defence of this vehicle, but as someone who has never actually driven one I do not feel qualified to comment on the matter... As though that has ever stopped me before.

"This Cicadia I found looks like it has the McDonald's logo on its head."

I can already hear the McDonald's lawyers furiously demanding to speak to Mother Nature due to copyright infringement. Either that or they will want this little guy as a the new mascot for McDonald's — Ronald McDonald was getting a little old anyway.

"My dining room table houses a secret spiral staircase."

This is one of the strangest and most wonderful things that I have seen for a long time. And yet, I simply cannot get over what the hell is going on with that wallpaper! They must just be really into badminton?

"The Phoenix Country Club golf course has a slice of pizza on it."

I can also kind of see a bit of a spooky face in that slice of pizza. I should hope that they at least sell pizza in the clubhouse based upon this, if they don't then that is just false advertising.

"This shipment seal has an actual seal on it."

That is one hell of a jacked seal, I didn't realize that the seal species as a whole were so into weightlifting. Remind me to never get on the wrong side of a loose many people lose their life each year in arguments with buff seals.

It's Not What You Think It Is...

"This tiny metal dog sculpture cemented at the base of the steps of a restaurant. I didn't even see it until my husband pointed it out," wrote the person who found this. I initially thought that is was the remains that a dog had left behind, not a dog itself!

"Found at the local industrial park."

Now he knows what a TV dinner feels like at least. And yes, there were countless Die Hard references that I was going to go for instead, but I simply could not avoid the classic one. Just a shame that the rest of them are terrible.

"Whole Foods staff are tired of your stupid questions!"

I always loved the fact that it has to say things like, "May contain nuts," on packages of peanuts. The world is a truly baffling place at time. I mean, who would have thought that hard boiled eggs contained eggs?

"Stockholm has new trains, and they have a tiny Easter egg."

Not only are humans getting the train every morning as a part of their daily work grind, but Pac Man is clearly also having to go through the daily grind as well. Not even beloved video-game characters are free from the world of work.

"Found this printed on the PCB of an amplifier."

What a lovely sentiment to hide away inside of this amplifier as well. These little messages on circuit boards are also more common than you may think, as someone who use to work on them added, "As a person who designs PCBs for a living, I see things like this alot. Problem is - it's usually hidden where a customer will never see it."

A Wild Donald Duck!

That is actually one hell of a cute thing to find out in the wild. I feel as though I can hear him through this image. Someone must have been incredibly bored to draw this on, or just the world's biggest Donald Duck fan.

"This push sign on the door at a spectacle shop."

Someone did also point out that this would probably very useful in a maternity ward...presumably one that also doubles up as an opticians. I know for a fact that you would also still get some people who would try to pull it as well.

They Should Make Smaller Sizes Then...

"I have had this t-shirt for way longer than I want to admit. I hear a capture sound from my gf's phone taking a picture of my neck and she shows me this," explained the person who posted this. Also, the fact that this has survived for that long is very impressive!

"Buzz and Woody trying to get back to Andy."

The Toy Story franchise really takes a weird turn when Andy becomes an adult and all the toys are doing is trying to find ways to break his car out of impound lots because he is always parking illegally.


I think that this is the main ingredient in Pot Noodles as well now that I think about it — it would explain a lot anyway. Someone else also pointed out, "Sadness is the first ingredient! That means there is more of it than anything else."


I like the notion that this tunnel will now terrify any and all children who are in their parent's car when passing through it. I mean, of course they'll be in their parent's cars...unless they are going through it in a pedal car?

"Mortar Man of Capitol Street, Charleston, West Virginia."

One person from that area actually added, "I remember I would pass by this guy every day in high school. My art teacher at the time said she was friends with the person who made it and I believe she said there was more."

"Fancy corn hair!"

A lot of people would get quite upset that corn, an inanimate food stuff, is able to keep its hair in better shape than I am. This would be incredibly creepy to come across in a cornfield in the middle of the night as well.

"Found on a hike right outside of Stowe, VT."

I never expected that some people would take to painting rocks and leaving them around random parks so much. People really do have the strangest of hobbies. Still, at least it is kind of an adorable hobby to have if nothing else!

"My favorite genre!"

This is one of the most consistently popular genres for decades now, barely any other genre can compete with it. Well, "men without their shirt on looking off into the distance" is pretty fierce competitor now that I think about it.