People Share 20 Regular Things That Aren't The Size We Thought They Are

You ever look at something that you think is a regular size, only to find out it's actually way bigger (or smaller) than you thought? Sometimes, it's just hard to gauge how big a thing really is unless you have a reference.

Luckily for us, there are people in all of these pictures, so we can see just how big these things really are.

Believe it or not, these are anchor chains.

I doubt many of us go on ships a lot, so seeing what an anchor chain really looks like must be a shock to more than just me. Like, those are some big chain links. I can see how they're able to keep a ship from drifting away.

Sequoia tress are...pretty big.

I'll never get over the size of some of those trees out there. Sequoias, redwoods, all sorts of other trees too. They're as big as sky scrapers. Don't believe me? Look at the people down at the base of the tree. You can't make that up.

"Ancient Egyptian Architecture, Luxor. I'm (5'7") in light-coloured trousers at the base of the statue on the left."

It's actually really hard to see the person in this picture because they're sort of in the statue's shadow. But when you see them, you'll begin to realize just how huge these ruins are. And people actually built them once.

"A human-sized jellyfish found off the coast of the UK in 2019."

The oceans are full of really weird, really large animals. If you aren't already scared of what may lie beneath the surface, check out this jellyfish that's at least as long as a human, and much wider. Totally unreal if you ask me.

That's one supersized drill bit.

I'm guessing this is a drill bit for some kind of heavy or industrial machinery. But I still like to imagine that it was meant for a hand drill, and someone just accidentally made it too big.

Imagine that, a bit for a hand drill that's bigger than a hand.

That's got to make for one massive game of chess.

I've heard of human chess before, but this is ridiculous! This chess piece is even bigger than the average human. I have a feeling that it isn't meant to be used for an actual game of chess, but a girl can dream.

So *that's* what a corpse flower looks like.

I've never seen a corpse flower up close before (they're called corpse flowers for a reason...the smell). But now that I can see one next to a person, they're a lot bigger than I ever thought. That's mostly cool, but also a tiny bit terrifying.

Wind turbines are actually so *huge*!

When you pass by a wind turbine or farm while driving along the highway, you don't really get to take in how big they really are. But they're pretty big, to say the least.

You can barely even see the person standing at this one's base. But you can see someone there, if you look close enough.

"This Fantastic Large Amethyst Geode from Uruguay."

Gemstones are kind of funny. You can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a single gem that's smaller than your fingernail. Meanwhile, this ginormous gem-filled geode exists. I almost want to know how much it's worth, but maybe that's better off left unsaid.

Nothing to see here, just a giant squid.

I've heard that giant squids can get seriously big. Like, bigger than this one that's easily twice the length of the average human. And you know what? I'd rather never know. This is big enough. Let's just pretend they don't get any bigger.

Speaking of beached sea creatures, here's a whale.

Whales, on the other hand, are just too big. So big that it physically doesn't make any sense. I guess that's why they're out in the water instead of trying to walk on land.

I'm pretty sure there are bigger whales than that one out there, too...

The actual size of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

When you look at pictures of the Arc de Triomphe, it seems like it would be about as tall as a bridge on the freeway. But it's actually massive. Like, skyscraper-level massive. Just look at all the people standing in front of it, and you'll realize just how big this thing is.

"This wine barrel in Heidelberg Germany."

I'm pretty sure most wine barrels aren't this big. But man, there must be a lot of wine in there. Probably more wine than a single person could drink in a lifetime, assuming they only had one or two glasses a night. It must take forever to bottle it all.

"Leonardo’s The Last Supper is way bigger than I thought it would be."

One time a really long time ago, I read this article about famous paintings and how they're a lot different in size than most of us think. Like how the Mona Lisa is only, like 30 inches tall, and how The Last Supper is close to 30 feet long!

I guess they're called elephant seals for a reason.

Elephant seals aren't sea creatures, but they're, like, sea-adjacent, so my point about giant ocean animals still stands. An animal that size must spend a lot of time eating, and to be honest, I think I'd rather steer clear of it when it's hungry.

"B2 Bomber overlaid on a football field, for perspective. The wingspan is 172 feet, which is 12 feet wider than an NFL football field."

When you see fighter jets in movies, they don't seem to be that big. But compare it to the size of a football field (and the people in the stands), and you'll quickly realize that's not the case.

An incredibly small banana.

That banana mostly looks normal, except for the fact that it's barely the size of a finger. And we know, because someone's hand is in the picture. Whatever happened, the banana just didn't want to grow very big.

That's got to be the world's least satisfying snack.

A rather large banana tree leaf.

Imagine if that tiny banana came from the tree that produced this huge leaf. Like, that leaf is probably about 10 feet long, which is just absurd. If that tree ever gets sick and loses its leaves, it'll probably be the most annoying thing to try and rake up.

"Giant manta ray captured on the coast of New Jersey in 1933."

Funny enough, manta rays don't seem all that scary. They're just big and weird. But at least they aren't sharks. Or squids. Or whales. Or ancient sea monsters that are hiding in the depths of the ocean. For goodness sake, they're just manta rays.

"Human next to Michelangelo’s David."

Am I the only one who thought that the statue of David was the size of a regular person? I can't be the only one surprised by this, right? Here I was assuming it was like 5 or 6 feet tall, but it actually measures up at 14 feet!