Server Shares The Most Annoying Thing Customers Do When They Split The Bill

Being a server is really hard work. Despite being perpetually underpaid and underappreciated, being a waiter is no easy gig. Just think about how many times you've left a restaurant after receiving great service — that's all because of one person who takes their job seriously and prioritizing their customers. If you've worked in the service industry, you know how it goes.

In 2021, you have to expect that if you're going to make life difficult for your server, some sort of TikTok video will be made about you.

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I'm not here to say you shouldn't ever have an issue with your service, but if you do whacky things like try to split the bill in 15 different ways, you might serve as some viral video inspiration.

One server is going viral after sharing her biggest pet peeve when it comes to tables who want to split the bill.

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Let's also just take a moment to talk about how much I hate splitting the bill. If I got soup and a salad, I don't want to have to pay for part of my friend's lobster dinner!

User @snerixx is popular on the video sharing app because of her ability to share her serving stories in a hilarious, relatable way.

In a recent video, she details how annoying it can be when people who want to split the bill begin dividing it up in the most complex and annoying way.

Mimicking an interaction with a table of two, @snerixx recalled a time when a customer asked to split the bill.

Instead of opting for a simple 50/50 split, this guest wanted everything divided up.

Responding as the guest, she said: "Well I know personally, I had three out of those eight mozzarella sticks, and I had about a quarter of the chips over there so if you could just split it that way."

We've all been to dinner with that person, haven't we?

The guest then tries to split the dessert elaborately, too, by claiming she didn't like it so she only wants to pay for half of it.

"We got the dessert but we didn't like it so we only want to pay for half of it but we also wanna split it so if you could just split that half in half?"

After the customer got snarky with the server not understanding the math assignment, she sneered "Isn't this your job?" to which @snerixx replied "Not really."

The video has gained nearly 1 million likes and several thousand comments.

It seems like this super demanding type of customer is someone every server has dealt with, so let's all try to make their lives easier by not dividing the bill into a math solution!

This is also not the first time that @snerixx has taken to the platform to vent her workplace frustrations.

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One of her previous videos saw her venting her frustration at people who feel as though they are being too "annoying" when calling the take-away line at a restaurant.

People who think that they are being an imposition, causing them to um and aah about their order can be a bit of a pet peeve for restaurant staff.

In her previous video, which you can see below, @snerixx mimics a conversation with someone who is a little...awkward on the phone when ordering food.

Let's face it, who doesn't get nervous when calling to order food?

I know for a fact that I have been this person when calling to order food. There is just something about having to talk on the phone that makes me forget how to speak that.