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'Cool' Teacher Admits A Lot Of Parents Don't Like His Teaching Methods

Being a teacher in today's society is an incredibly hard task. No matter what grade you teach, the world around is changing and moving at a pace faster than most of us can keep up.

In reality, being a teacher is like being a parent, with also the job of teaching and educating them, while setting them up for success. It's 10 hats on one person.

Today, many teachers have new methods of educating kids.

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While traditionally, things were done differently, today's world is very quick-paced, hands-on, and also stressful for teachers and students alike.

New teachers have begun trying to shift their styles and find ways to help kids learn as best as they can.

While the kids seem to appreciate the changes, not all parents do.

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The new methods seem to help some kids and students learn better and understand the material more, but not all parents always agree with it.

The whole "old school" method can be hard to break away from, for some parents.

One teacher on TikTok shared that his methods of teaching don't always work for parents.


TikTok user @rbteach4you is a 4th-grade math teacher who shared that a lot of his "unconventional" teaching methods are not always loved and appreciated by the parents of his students.

In fact, many of them complain about the way he teaches his class.

He also allows students to re-take a quiz "as many times as they need to."


This is a controversial take, but the math teacher says he allows students to "re-take" tests and quizzes as many times as they want and need, until they master the material and understand it.

Also, students are "rarely in their seats."


While learning, Mr. B says that students are rarely in their seats at all.

Being up and moving around is easier for the students to keep focus and also stay on task, so he allows them to move and groove around the classroom.

Mr. B says relationships are at the forefront of learning.


The math teacher said his "classroom management strategy" is "building relationships."

Some teachers like to lead with an iron fist, however, he says that his main method of classroom management is to help keep relationships strong and maintain them, even in discipline.

Many teachers and parents don't totally agree with this.

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Many people on TikTok were saying that this is a "set up for failure" in college and even the real world because you don't get "unlimited chances" to get things right.

Instead, you need to study and work hard to do things right on the first try.

Others in the comments say this is "coddling" kids.

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Other people in the comment section on TikTok argue that this is "coddling" and babying kids, which will hurt them in the long run.

Not all teachers are going to work this way, and kids will think they can continue to re-take tests or even get away with things, that they cannot.

However, some said Mr. B has it all right.

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Some teachers in the comments agree that moving around the classroom is great for kids because it allows them to refocus and get out their energy, especially for students with ADHD and other behavioral disorders.

Some people online also said the re-taking tests is a gift for students with test anxiety.

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Some students experience test anxiety when they have to take an exam or a test and it can hinder their ability to focus and also understand the material on an exam.

The "re-take" test technique allows them to work through their anxieties and showcase their true understanding of the material.

And, re-taking tests can also allow students to master the material.

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When taking a test, the point is to assess students' understanding and knowledge of material.

Allowing them to re-take tests and quizzes allows them to better understand and master the material they need to know to move on.

It's certainly interesting!