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18+ Trending Pics That Are Fascinating In A Messed Up Kinda Way

Paddy Clarke

It's no surprise to anyone that the internet has some pretty weird stuff on it, and if that is a surprise to you then welcome to the internet I guess!

However, some of the weird and messed-up things that the internet has to offer are simply unavoidably fascinating; whether they be funny, horrific, or just downright bizarre, there is something in most of us that drives us to be fascinated by the unusual.

So here are 18+ of my favorite trending photos that are fascinating in a messed-up kind of way.

1. "Just shot my first street photography photo where somebody randomly walked into frame projectile vomiting."

Reddit | nick_wons

Photographer Nick Wons probably wasn't expecting his first street photography shoot to end up like this! Although, it is amazing... just perhaps not in the way he envisioned!

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2. "1963: the year Skippy peanut butter and Hellmann’s mayonnaise advertised the pairing as 'together tremendous'"

Reddit | mknlsn

Yep, you read that right, Skippy peanut butter and Hellman's mayonnaise once had the audacity to try and convince you to try them together. And yes, I'm sure there will be a few people out there crying, 'You should try it before you judge it!' But, to those truly disturbed people, I simply say, 'Not a chance.'

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3. "Child's Skull Before Losing Baby Teeth"

Reddit | Eleven_11

I can't look at this one without shuddering, and yet I simply cannot look away. It's a miracle we don't end up with teeth protruding out of everywhere!

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4. Images Of How Spiders Weave Webs Under The Influence Of Different Drugs

Reddit | berrymarve

By far the most disturbing one here is the caffeinated spider (which sounds like a late 70's post-punk band)! It's better not to think about this one actually considering the amount of coffee I put away per day.

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5. Two-Headed Taxidermy Calf

Reddit | galupa

According to the person who posted this, the calf sadly only lived for ten minutes after being born. However, the person's grandfather had it sent to a taxidermist to preserve this poor bizarre creature.

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6. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Reddit | ---UsernameTaken---

Also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex, this immense collection of plastics (some of which are reportedly up to 5- years old now) is a terrifying fascinating image, and one which is a stark reminder of our impact on the planet.

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7. "When the sun is directly overhead in Hawaii, it looks like a bad video game render."

Reddit | mike_pants

As someone who played on games consoles far too much growing up, my brain struggles to process this as a real image of the world instead of an image from something like Simpsons Hit And Run.

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8. "Scott Mendelson after he tore his pec breaking the world record bench press."

Reddit | j0be

Is that even a bruise any more or do you just class that as a galaxy-effect crop-top? I'm sure he'd say it was worth it, but the expression on his face says not.

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9. Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn...

Reddit | -Jesus-Of-Nazareth-

It's like looking at a car crash, I can't bear to look at it and yet I cannot look away.

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10. "A 'zombie spider' - spider covered in fungus, half-dead, half-alive which can crawl around. Found in my basement."

Reddit | iDrinkOxygen

Yes, two words you thought (or at least hoped) that you'd never see next to each other, 'Zombie spider!' You. Are. Welcome.

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11. "Pro-wrestler's hand print left in his opponent's chest after a hard chop."

Reddit | KappaLyte

I reckon I can safely say that if someone hit me that hard in the chest I would probably die. Also, I know wrestlers are supposed to be big, but how large were that guy's hands? They must be the size of traction engines!

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12. Photo Taken In Paris During Protests

Reddit | paganiniv

I don't think I've seen many photos which more accurately capture a split in mentality quite like this one. I cannot make my mind up whether the woman in the picture is laughing at the conflict outside, or laughing at something she has been sent by a friend/is sending to a friend.

Whatever the answer, it is completely messed up.

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13. High-Res Photo Of A Massive Tyre Scrap Pile

Reddit | Fawn_Dell_Megonads

This is another on where the message behind it is really unpleasant, the image itself, however, is absolutely stunning and haunting.

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14. "This is what a needle in the skin looks like after it's removed."

Reddit | superjam0508

I don't know what's more disturbing, the fact that skin up close look like cracked plaster, or the whole the needle left looks like something is going to suddenly crawl out of it? One thing is for sure though, I'll be moisturising tonight!

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15. An Owl Without Its Feathers


I mean, where do you start with this thing? I do quite like how they've modelled it so it looks like its actually looking around for where it left its clean feathers.

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16. "Dirt Sticks to Sweat. Deep scars don’t regenerate with sweat glans and thus dirt doesn’t stick to it."

Reddit | Pomoek

The way that the lines are so precise where the dirt has stuck is insane, it'd be a pretty heft price to pay to not have to buy deodorant any more though!

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17. "Red light only penetrates about 30 feet under water, therefore blood appears green at these depths."

Reddit | 9w_lf9

Imagine if you didn't know this and then cut yourself when you were diving over 30 feet, you'd have a heart attack! I mean sure it's a pretty specific circumstance for most people but it could still happen!

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18. "Vikings would file horizontal lines into the enamel of their front teeth and no one really knows why."

Reddit | Import

As much as I would like to know the reason behind this, the idea of looking further into this and having to imagine filing away at my teeth is far too painful for me to even consider.

My toes are ripping up the carpet just looking at this picture, and yet I can't stop looking at them, just look how deep the grooves are!

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19. Well, There's Your Problem

Reddit | dogknot43

The morning after $2100 in maintenance and upgrades were done on this car, it burst into flames. I think the owner is going to want to have a long talk with their mechanic.

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20. Don't Trust The Sign!

Reddit | coolrunnings32825

Yeah, no thanks. There's a distinct difference between rinsing them in soapy water each night and sterilized.

And do they sterilize between try-ons?

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21. "Whelp... Found out what that scratching noise behind the wall was."

Reddit | mchammer685

Burn the house down!

I feel itchy and twitchy just looking at the picture.

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22. And You Thought Seals Were Cute

Reddit | gaitkeeper

Yes, those are seal teeth. A crabeater seal, to be specific, though they don't actually eat crabs. They eat krill and cephalopods by taking a big mouthful and letting the water drain out through the gaps in their teeth.

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23. Always Check Your Seafood

Reddit | Rileru

Little crabs inside mussels aren't uncommon and are fine to eat, but this is a step too far.

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24. No Smell-O-Vision Required

Reddit | TayJay23YT

Admit it: you can smell that matted hair straight through the screen.

I'm not anti-dreads, but I'm definitely anti-poorly-maintained-dreads.

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25. "I’m loving it."

Reddit | jenlyn1123

Speaking of photos you can practically smell, I will never understand people who let this happen to their cars.

Not that my car's spotless, but it doesn't smell like congealing soda and old ketchup.

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26. A Whole Lot Of Nope Ropes

Reddit | blue_chopsticks

This would be unnerving no matter what, but that fat boy in the middle has clearly just filled up on something tasty.

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27. Home Deport Is Friendly To All Pets

Reddit | shrubbytooth69

While you might do a double-take and opt for the cashier lane instead, this guy isn't much of a danger noodle. He's more like a big, friendly noodle.

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28. Okay, Last Caution Ramen In the List, I Promise

Reddit | FuzzyMannerz

Also the last random snake nickname.

I'm pretty sure that this particular noodle is stuffed and part of an advertisement.

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29. "That foot ain’t looking so hot."

Reddit | BoomShakaLakka

With the gnarly toenails, it looks like their werewolf transformation didn't reverse correctly and the bandage is a poor attempt to hide it.

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30. It's A 'Cartruckan'

Reddit | dawidoff511

You know, like a 'turducken', but for a car, truck, and van.

This is one of those that I really want an explanation for.

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31. "Cyclists legs during training season."

Reddit | 2BEAST4U_

I'm sure there is a wonderfully interesting scientific explanation for this, but I just don't think that I want to hear it. I'm going to use this photo as justification for not going to the gym again tonight.

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32. One Chonky Puma

Reddit | anunusualgrowth

This is actually pretty sad. Poor thing needs a better diet and more space to exercise.

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33. This Is Literally The Darkest Timeline

Reddit | radioactivecowz

Sao Paulo, Brazil is more the 1800 miles away from the fires in the Amazon rainforest, but that doesn't mean they aren't affected by them. This photo was taken at three in the afternoon.

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34. The Size Of An Earthworm In Uganda

Reddit | YoBooMaFoo

The new Earthworm Jim reboot isn't looking too good! (Does anyone else actually remember Earthworm Jim or was that reference completely wasted?)

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