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12+ Brilliant Ideas That Should Be Everywhere By Now

Some people are really firm believers in that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And yeah, I suppose that's a pretty decent policy to have on some things. But what if you don't even realize that thing was broken in the first place?

These are some of the most incredible ideas from around the globe for problems you maybe didn't even realize existed, or knew could have actual solutions. These are super smart, and they definitely have us wondering why the rest of the world hasn't implemented them by now.

1. Butt out of it!

Reddit | thestudlife

This concept takes something like discarding cigarette butts and turns it into a fun game. It's perfect because people get a kick out of giving their two cents while the rest of us can enjoy a butt-free environment. Win-win!

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2. Check please.

Reddit | [user deleted]

This restaurant has three buttons at each table: one to call for the server, one to let them know the table is done eating, and one to request the bill!

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3. Smooth ride.

Reddit | Maxima03

This track lets cyclists take their bike down the stairs with ease. But you're encouraged to walk your bike down this track, not ride it. Safety first, people.

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4. Fill 'er up!

Reddit | ivb107

This school water bottle includes a map of all the different places on campus where they can refill it.

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5. Day dreaming.

Reddit | Sandfox714

This surgery waiting room features a fake skylight. Nothing is worse than sitting inside a cramped, windowless room while either waiting for your own surgery, or waiting for someone else's to finish up. This helps people relax a little while also making them feel more comfortable during their wait.

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6. Roundabout road safety.

Reddit | MY2200

This playground features an area for children to practice riding their bikes in the city without the risk of hurting themselves in the process. No cars, no problem!

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7. All the time in the world.

Reddit | Data_in_sg

This crosswalk lets the handicapped or seniors extend the crossing time before attempting to make their way across these eight lanes of traffic.

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8. The struggle is real.

Reddit | oremornayr

This fitted bed sheet helpfully lets its users know which side is the short one and which is the long one, so no more flipping the sheet around 50 times as you wonder if this thing is actually just one big square.

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9. Show's over.

Reddit | Blaze24

This person's laptop camera features an on/off cover so they can close up the lens whenever they want. So my apologies to the FBI who doesn't get to watch me while I marathon Ru Paul's Drag Race anymore.

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10. Safety first.

Reddit | durnJurta

If you've made an online purchase and have to go to a public place to exchange it, this area is recognized as being a "safe exchange zone". So you don't have to worry about anything happening to you while you pay for your vintage Nintendo 64 games.

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11. Can you hear me now?

Reddit | MrCrash2U

This library comes with little sound-proof columns where people can go to take and make phone calls without disturbing any of the other library goers.

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12. Going up!

Reddit | bgrafnation

If you've ever been confused by just how many people it takes to meet or exceed an elevator's weight limit, this one helpfully tracks the weight with a little meter so you know when yours is getting close to full capacity.

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13. Refund guaranteed.

Reddit | Jakeeeeeeeey

You don't have to worry about losing your money in this vending machine. Your money is only taken if you receive your product, otherwise you get a full refund!

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14. Everything in its place.

Reddit | kazarnowicz

The chairs at this ski resort lift up to provide a safe place for gloves and goggles, but really, all restaurants should have this feature for purses and bags.

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15. Top notch.

Reddit | HOSSY95

If the built-in storage is too much, how about this chair that keeps your bag from slipping onto the floor? All it takes is a small notch in the back for the strap to hold onto.

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16. Those thoughtful Canadians.

Reddit | Holmes870

This bottle of whiskey came with a free token for the Toronto subway as a way to encourage public transportation over driving home drunk.

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17. Never miss a dose.

Reddit | CptnBo

While this is amazing for elderly people or their caregivers, this should really just be standard. I've certainly had multiple mornings where I've stood staring at my pill bottle trying to remember if I took them in my pre-coffee zombie haze.

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18. Pick a little litter.

Reddit | awkwardlondoner

I want to love going to the beach, but the closest one to me is particularly bad for garbage piling up everywhere. More beaches should have deals like this, where you get a little something for free in return for picking up.

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19. Get that natural light.

Reddit | mortalwombats

It turns out that the roof of a UPS truck isn't brown, but actually translucent. This allows the sun to light the interior and make it easy to find packages.

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20. Raise up!

Reddit | Alentheflannel

This clever spatula has a stand built into the handle to make sure the part that touches your food doesn't touch your counter.

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21. Get the help you need.

Reddit | theryanfight

Doctors and nurses are required to ask about potential abuse, but if the abuser is sitting right there, it can prevent honesty from the victim. Things like this in a doctors' office bathroom can quietly let staff know that you need to be separated from your abuser.

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22. Parking cheat sheet.

Reddit | Krzyygamin

I hate parking garages, but I'd feel more comfortable in them if more had this feature. Besides giving you a better view of whether you're in the space or not, it also gives a better reference to know if you're going to bump the wall with your hood.

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23. Sad, but sweet.

Reddit | trojanknight

The waiting room at the vet can get rowdy. Anywhere that animals and kids can congregate and get bored together is going to be that way. Which is why a subtle cue like this candle can make a big difference to a family saying goodbye.

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24. No touching.

Reddit | BradleyC5922

This public toilet allows you to flush with your foot instead of touching anything with your bare hands.

Of course, I think the regular flush should still be an option for those with limited mobility.

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25. No sleep.

Reddit | eppinizer

There are some roads in Australia that are so long and boring that the official signage also includes fatigue-fighting trivia to keep your brain awake.

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26. Lay-over.

Reddit | SchaarMax

It can be next to impossible to get half-decent sleep during a long series of flights. This airport has nap pods you can rent for privacy and comfort on long stopovers.

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27. Safe partying.

Reddit | Akalade

It's sad that we live in a word that needs it, but these coasters allow you to test your drink to make sure it hasn't been spiked with a drug while your back was turned.

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28. Waste not.

Reddit | dazz9573

Coffee shops generate a lot of used grounds and it's usually wasted, but this place packages it up so that customers can reuse them in the garden. Grounds make amazing compost.

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29. Tastier waste not.

Reddit | WholesomeSwissCheese

A lot of produce gets thrown away at supermarkets, but these bananas get a second chance to be enjoyed as banana bread, complete with the recipe printed right on the bags.

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30. Butt out.

Reddit | p4d4

Cigarette butts are really bad for the environment and this is a great way to fight that. The pouch was included in the the pack and ensures the butts get properly disposed of.

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31. Looking good.

Reddit | Peachpai

Have you ever put on an outfit only to discover that it looks weird after dark? This dressing room lets you change the lighting to see what something will look like at different times of day.

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32. Space-saving.

Reddit | pearseL

This is perfect for tiny kitchens. Instead of using up counter space with a drying rack, the cupboard above the sink allows dishes to drip dry and saves the second step of putting things away.

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33. Don't lose your appetite.


Scent it a huge part of flavor when we eat and if your hands smell like flowery soap, it could ruin your meal. This restaurant plans for that with different soap options.

As someone with sensitive skin, I also appreciate it.

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34. No more wonky highlights.

Reddit | chillin_krillin

Highlighting is pointless if you keep missing the text you want to stand out. The window in this brand helps you stay straight.

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35. Treat-free checkout.

Reddit | KrazoaSpirit

This is great for parents who don't want to deal with tempted kids in the checkout line and for grown-ups who simply have no impulse control — like me.

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36. "Leave me alone!"

Reddit | noideawhatsupp

I joke, but as someone with social anxiety, overly attentive staff can actually make shopping a lot harder for me. This store lets you signal how you prefer to shop with the color of your basket.

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37. Magnif-ifcent!

Reddit | Budzink1

These shopping carts are equipped with magnifying glasses, so if you happen to have difficulty seeing or maybe forgot your reading glasses at home, you can still make sure you're buying the right kind of Hamburger Helper.

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38. When you've gotta go...

Reddit | katewhiteshark

Big, busy public bathrooms can be stressful, especially when your plane or bus is about to leave. Lights like these streamline the process by indicating exactly which stalls are already taken.

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39. 'Scuse me, coming through.

Reddit | argas00

In Germany, it is a rule acknowledged by all highway drivers that in the event of a traffic jam, the middle lane is left open for any emergency vehicles that may need to come through.

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