12+ Perfect Pics More Satisfying Than Bubble Wrap

If you're a perfectionist like me you probably get a kick out of looking at things that are so immaculate it makes your heart sing. Like a perfectly stacked row of vegetables or a pattern that formed naturally.

Those are the things people like us really appreciate in life. And when we find something like this it's as if everything seems right in the world.

1. Mother Nature

Reddit | Petaaa

Ah, don't you just love Mother Nature? Isn't it just amazing how it can make something so natural and yet so beautiful at the same time?

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2. Perfect Ending To The Day

Reddit | itzbigmoe2u

Not only are the colors of this sunset are truly amazing but the fact someone was able to capture them in the reflection is just pure wow.

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3. Awesome Raindrops

Reddit | cappsthelegend

I dunno if I could bring myself to clean this windshield after seeing this perfect and really mesmerizing formation of raindrops after a car wax.

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4. This Produce Stack


Is it just me or do you also find this view so satisfying that you wouldn't dare to disturb it by grabbing one of these peppers?

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5. Perfect Alignment With The Sun

Reddit | orangeboiiiii

I still can't quite make out what this picture is. Is it a street lamp in the sun or is it a dandelion?

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6. The Shadow Path

Reddit | flying_jaffas

Isn't it fabulously coincidental how his shadow lines up perfectly with the sidewalk? This symmetry is quite awesome. Glad somebody captured it in a photo.

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7. The Reflection

Reddit | bot_10

This is such a masterful photo of a Kingfisher diving into a pond. Not only the colors are magnificent but the reflection is spot on.

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8. The Perfection Of The Straight Line

Reddit | cloud3648

Okay, so even though I'm not a fan of lobsters or any type of creepy creature. but even I can find this fascinating.

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9. Ridiculously Perfect Ice Cream Swirl

Imgur | redchels

This ice cream swirl looks almost too good enough to eat. Almost. But that's what pictures are for. Now just eat it already.

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10. Inside of The Vessel, New York

Reddit | Zoltarr777

Oh my, I never knew something like this existed in NYC. That would be quite the sight to see. Simply amazing.

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11. Oddly Satisfying Toothpicks

Imgur | HannibalsPassiveAgressiveTwin

For a second there I wasn't sure what exactly I was looking at. Now I see it's just a bunch of toothpicks. Or is it? Whoa.

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12. The Calming Effect

Reddit | zSkull1062

You know when you're having a stressful day and you need something to just calm you down? Arranging pens like this would do it for me.

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13. Great Minds Think Alike


And if the previous picture didn't have the desired calming effect this one must do the trick. These kitties found their perfect resting place.

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14. Raspberry Cake

Reddit | softservesof

Just when I thought I couldn't love raspberries, even more, I lay my eyes on this absolute perfection. Talking about having your cake and eating it too.

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15. These Brownies

Reddit | umilivehere

I wouldn't be surprised if the person who made these felt bad about pulling one out of this perfectly assembled and cut tray. But I want one.

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16. Exposed Pipes

Reddit | WeAreClouds

Normally I wouldn't be crazy about having exposed pipes in my living room but there's just something oddly satisfying about looking at these. Is it just me?

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17. Satisfying Dish Washing


You know when you find that perfect tool to clean one of those odd kitchen dishes like this tiny teacup? Now that's pure magic.

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18. Watermelon Sandwich

Imgur | thefreemansbackup

I absolutely love watermelon but cutting it may not be as satisfying. But when you fit all those pieces lovingly like this in a ziplock. Ahhh!

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19. Water Drop Map

Reddit | asdrver

Can you imagine a more beautiful and perfectly timed picture? I don't think I can. This water drop created just the most gorgeous little map replica.

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20. Changing Leaves

Reddit | apricot_princess

Once again mother nature on display in all its best glory. These changing color leaves almost look like some sort of a painting. This is beautiful.

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21. Tire Stack


Wow, I can't say I've ever seen a tire stack quite like this before. This reminds me of some kind of weaving method like crocheting.

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22. Wood-Lined Path Through The Woods

Reddit | Boojibs

Oh my, this is something to see. I feel like this should be a scene in a movie or a children's book.

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23. All Boxed Up

Reddit | xchrisxsays

I dunno if you get a kick out of the way these boxes are perfectly stacked in this truck as I do. Perfection in motion.

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24. Fire Truck Display

Reddit | Catma222

This really intricate display is actually the exact replica of everything that is supposed to fit inside a fire truck. Wow, how neat is this?

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25. This Clear Lemon Pie

Reddit | NiGhTmArEofInSaNiTy

I dunno about you but this clear lemon pie looks almost too good to eat. I said almost. He, he. Pretty, and hopefully yummy, too.

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26. Tetris Tater Tots

Imgur | Hivloger

If this perfectly arranged array of tater tots doesn't remind you of Tetris I dunno what does. Ha, ha. Somebody is on a roll with this.

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27. This Drawing

Reddit | tfoust10

Is it just me or do you also find this fascinating drawing especially calming? I dunno what it is about it but I'm loving all the symmetry.

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28. Oddly Satisfying Bubbles

Imgur | Winamp

Sometimes when you least expect it things just turn out more interesting than you could ever have thought. These bubbles remind me of honeycomb.

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14. This Is Making Me Hungry

Reddit | Dylan0734

Who doesn't love chocolate-covered strawberries? Besides tasting amazing, this image of a cracked chocolate shell is also visually satisfying.

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16. Not Sure What's Going On Here

Instagram | @impractical_1

But it's still so satisfying to look at. Ahhhhhh....

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15. Perfect Fit


Besides being a good, low-key lifehack, I can't get over how perfectly this wine glass fits.

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I have to say looking at these pictures is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Giphy | The Hills

I hope they had such an effect on you as well. You're welcome.

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