17 People Who Prove That If It's Stupid And It Works, It's Not Stupid

I'm a fan of redneck engineering. Wait, that's not politically correct. Let's start over...

I'm a fan of engineering from folks who typically live in the bible belt and very rural parts in northern states. Right. That's much better.

I am a fan of these hacks, DIYs, MacGyvers, call them what you will, because I'm a cheap bastard. Yeah, if there's a way to rig something up using the shopping carts and wagons that vagrants leave scattered around my neighborhood, I'm all game. Which brings us to the article at hand. This was a research project for me as much as it was a funny article full of redneckery. Hope y'all enjoy this as much as I did.

1. That's one way to get a buzz on.

reddit | furysmile

(I hated writing that headline as much as you hated reading it)

2. Can double as a projectile to get raccoons off the porch.

reddit | wikiyameen

3. The Daytona 500 was on, and the plug to the TV broke. They didn't have a choice.

reddit | i124qnds

4. Behold the ingenuity of the lumberjacks of northern Oregon. 

reddit | liver1000

5. This is the cutest MacGyver I've ever seen.

reddit | flounder19

6. To clarify, this is a lawnmower with a satellite shovel and barbell weights as a counter-balance

reddit | creepass

7. Hey...if it works, it works.

reddit | furysmile

8. Considering most millennials have no idea how to change a tire, this might come in handy.

reddit | i124qnds

9. One time I went camping and cooked an egg on the hood of my car. It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

reddit | [deleted]

10. The always resourceful and environmentalist Navy showing off one of their newest frigates. 

reddit | KevlarYarmulke

11. Expired dip can laying around? You've got yourself a new air freshener.

reddit | K1ng_V

12. I trust this more than I trust how chicken is cooked at fast food restaurants.

reddit | KevlarYarmulke

13. Suspended license? No problem.

reddit | flounder19

14. As someone who bikes to the grocery story...this is genius.

reddit | RalphiesBoogers

15. If I thought of this as a kid, I'd have a landscaping empire by now.

Imgur | grundlegnome

16. College students, take note.

Imgur | siemdings

17. It ain't pretty, but I guarantee he's the center of attention at whatever saloon he went to that night.

reddit | [deleted]