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17+ Eye-Opening Pics That'll Leave A Mental Scar


It's good to read things that challenge your beliefs and assumptions about the world. I don't know if the same principle applies to viewing pics or not. Either way, these pics are bound to leave a lasting impression.

1. When the levee breaks.

Reddit | lunalovegellet

The good news is that paint can hold off a bad leak for awhile. The bad news is that it'll only last so long, leaving you with a ticking water bomb.

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2. Speaking of bubbles.

Reddit | myguy2013

It's a good thing this car, with its nightmarish soon-to-explode tire, made it into the shop safely. I can't imagine it's safe to drive with mystery bubbles forming in its tires.

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3. Worth it for the pic?

Reddit | CryptoExodus

Rio is a beautiful enough city on its own. You don't need to scooch up to the edge of a sheer drop to get a photo opportunity. I guess it is a cool photo, though.

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4. You know what? I can hold it.

Reddit | loverx101

Most people probably don't like using public toilets when they can help it, but the toilets at Venice Beach are on a different level than most. This stall has clearly seen a few things.

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5. Low tech or high tech?

Reddit | LostAmiga

This missile/bomb/whatever it is looks like it contains some impressive explosive technology. Why it's being transported by a humble cyclist and not by, like, the army or something, is a mystery.

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6. Mistakes were made.

Reddit | guccimaneslawyer

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but I've never seen a cat in a situation like this. It's a valuable lesson for any mice who might come along this unsettling scene.

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7. If this car could talk.

Reddit | afganistanimation

On one hand, this car appears to have a valid license plate. On the other hand, well, everything about it begs a few questions. I wonder if the message on the back actually keeps it from getting pulled over.

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8. Close call.

Reddit | Erik_Vaccaro

If you thought that safety goggles were plastic glasses that make everyone look like a dork, you'd be right. But it turns out they're actually good for their intended purpose, too.

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9. It was a different time.

Reddit | philms

Nowadays, we know that asbestos is bad news. But in the 1930s, it was basically a miracle material. This box of fake snow is basically proud of the fact that it's made from pure, unadulterated asbestos.

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10. I fought the paint and the paint won.

Reddit | Knowee

Big vats of paint have the potential to cover a lot of surface area. When one falls off the back of a truck, it's bound to completely coat anything in its path, as this driver found out.

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11. I'm unsettled.

Reddit | IT-Ronin

Most people aren't able to wiggle their ears, but seeing someone who's able to do this isn't exactly uncommon. The ability to literally fold your ear into itself, on the other hand, is on another level entirely.

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12. Weird turn signal.

Reddit | Import

There's no reason that a well-trained pig couldn't work as an effective turn signal (just get it to oink when you switch lanes). The question of why someone would do this, though, remains unanswered.

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13. That's one aerodynamic chimp.

Reddit | pythagoreal

I don't know what it is about removing the hair from a chimp that makes it so unsettling, but just look at this thing. Also, I guess non-human primates are pretty ripped.

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14. Australia.

Reddit | Eloquentdyslexic

It's safe to say that when you see a pic of a python skin that's 23 freakin' feet long, that said pic was taken in the land down under.

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15. Mushroom cloud.

Reddit | SAT2020

Military ships contain a lot of ordinances that can blow sky-high in the case of an explosion. That's what happened to this ship in a South Korean harbor awhile back.

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16. Hmmm.

Reddit | haloxkittie

Plastic wrap has many uses, most of them kitchen-centric. That isn't to say that you can't use it for other purposes, although this one would be near the bottom of the list.

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17. Don't open that window.

Reddit | MathMu59

Yes, this is a building in a decidedly urban setting. Yes, that is a full-grown black panther on the roof. It looks like it's just biding its time until someone opens that window.

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18. Final Destination.

Reddit | lawdawg013

There are tons of pics like this out there, and they're all equally horrifying. You could be driving along, minding your own business, only to be impaled by a random piece of rebar.

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19. A purple sky is beautiful and unusual.

Reddit | Le_Rat_Mort

But it's also a sign that a very bad storm is on the way. This pic was taken as the biggest typhoon in 60 years was bearing down on Japan.

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20. Just a wasp eating a caterpillar.

Reddit | Agentbilla_

I try to tell myself that even if wasps aren't as important to the environment as bees, they still play an important role in controlling the population of other pests.

And then I see this.

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21. Another example of how Australia is insane.

Reddit | ivehadworsemondays

A snake eating a bat is crazy enough, but this is a giant python eating a megabat.

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22. I get that your legs might be tired standing all day, but there has to be something safer to lean on.

Reddit | Import

So there are two things this could be revealing. Either those guns are just for show and not actually loaded or we should start seriously questioning the training of their officers.

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23. You're kids will definitely have an opinion about a turkey teddy bear, but "love" isn't it.

Reddit | stinkysocks999

How is this a thing anyone would think to make, let alone think that anyone would want to pay for it, cook it, and then eat it?

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24. Speaking of terrifying teddy bears.

Reddit | papixxx

This poor guy fell down into the door well and has been smooshed horribly.

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25. Imagine the smell inside this car.


I mean, old coffee is slightly better than old food, but barely. The real travesty is that they didn't peel off their Monopoly stickers.

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26. When I first scrolled passed this image, I didn't get why is was weird.

Reddit | Ein_The_Pup

But then I realized that a vehicle managed to fly into the roof of the house.

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27. Here's another angle, showing how it might have happened.


Must have been going really fast if they took out a couple small trees and then got that much air from the short grass ramp.

It doesn't even look like they attempted to brake!

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28. This isn't helping my dislike of going down into my low-ceilinged basement.

Reddit | iDrinkOxygen

That spider isn't dead yet. It's just been taken over by a fungus that will force it to go where the fungus needs to be to keep on spreading.

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29. This is a different sort of gross.

Reddit | o0Jahzara0o

We know that cereal is often full of sugar, but it really opens your eyes to the sheer amount when a giant rock of it falls out of the box.

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30. I'm fairly neutral about fancy nail art, but this just freaks me out.

Reddit | Cherrijuicyjuice

Thankfully, this was clearly staged for the photo and the nails aren't actually meant to work in real life.

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31. Sometimes, all you need is a sign to get some weird mental images.

Reddit | sharklepower Does this place provide a tutorial for the optimal diet and butt cheek tension required to "extrude" a skinny turd?

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32. Don't leave your boba tea unsupervised.

Reddit | Wentworth_Falls

It turns out that those fat straws are wide enough for a pair of salamanders to crawl in for a dip.

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33. Proof that you're better off not knowing what shared your home with you.


"So I put a sticky trap down and then forgot about it for a few months. I'm terrified of my house now."

You should be.

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34. Yeah, I'd say that might be the cause of this guy's sudden seizures.

Reddit | coco-ono

Apparently, his wife accidentally shot him in the back of the head while they tried to get a raccoon off their property.

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35. "I have tentacles under my tongue- apparently not everyone does?" says this Redditor.

Reddit | SligPants

No. Not everyone does and that is terrifying!


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36. Nothing like raising the anchor of your oil tanker to discover it's caught a corroded, unexploded torpedo.

Reddit | Business-Socks

Since a torpedo doesn't mix well with 1000+ tons of oil, professionals were brought in to detach it from the tanker carefully before it was destroyed underwater at a safe distance.

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37. Competitive cycling: not even once.

Reddit | jorsiem

This is the leg of cyclist Janez Brajkovic. Apparently this is what happens when you combine high-level cycling, bulimia and a doping ban. I'll continue my sedentary lifestyle, thank you very much.

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38. Just 27 contact lenses pulled from a woman's eye. No biggie.

Reddit | cdeae

This woman was lucky, because she said she only had a constant feeling of grit in her eye. The lenses were found during cataract surgery.

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39. Not so cute now.

Reddit | catsmustdie

Pugs are cute dogs, in an ugly sort of way. But when you look at a pug skull, it's hard to see it as cute. Like, how are these things even supposed to breathe?

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