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13+ Creepy Pics That Are More Sinister Than You Think

Sydney Brooman 13 Aug 2019

Sometimes it really is all in the details, as the creepiest things in our society are usually hiding in plain sight. Ever seen a "normal" picture and gotten the heebie jeebies just from its odd vibe? You're probably missing something, and with a second look over, you'll likely find the details that you wish you hadn't.

Not all creepy pictures are indicative of something sinister, but all sinister photographs are creepy as heck.

1. Sleeping With The Fishes

Reddit | Dlatrex

On first glance, this just looks like a lake that's jam packed with fish.

However, upon closer inspection, you'll discover that all of the salmon in the photo are dead, and that the man is trying to wade his way through an entire body of water filled with dead fish.

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2. Bite Sized

Reddit | sparksedx

"I felt something crunchy when I bite into my broccoli," this person writes, "At first I didn't see anything, but then I looked closer..."

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3. Beauty Is Pain

Reddit | SmellBumWee

A seemingly normal beauty ad gets oh so creepy when you take the time to actually read it.

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4. Gargle

Reddit | pinkbutterfly2

"I was in a public restroom when I saw this woman brushing her teeth and using mouthwash, which is pretty normal," this person writes, "But when I actually looked at what she was doing, I realized 'um, she's using toilet bowl cleaner.'"

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5. Templeton

Reddit | pxter

Dirty pool filled with stray leaves? We wish. When you look a little closer, it's a collection of rats who have jumped into the pool and did not survive the fall.

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6. Close Contact

Reddit | cdeae

It's hard to tell what this is at first, but anyone who uses contact lenses will get it quicker than the rest.

Although, I don't think many people would guess that all 27 of these lenses were found in a woman's left eye.

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7. Tweetie Bird

Reddit | gangbangkang

"A guy at JFK was caught trying to smuggle 70 finches inside hair rollers in a duffel bag," this man writes, "You can't even tell what they are until you HEAR them."

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8. Say Cheese

Reddit | gregriegler

"Found a polaroid of some lines of coke on a photograph of myself as a child, in my dad's belongings after he died," this person writes, "When I first found it, it looked like the frame on the original photo was just broken."

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9. Take Me To The Rooftop

Reddit | rightcoastguy

I almost scrolled past this normal photo of an industrial building roof. You know, until I saw the guillotine.

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10. Big Brother

Reddit | bugbugladybug

Yeah, that's a security camera pointing directly into a public restroom stall. No thanks.

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11. The Butt End Of The Joke

Reddit | jessicamossy

"My son broke this decor piece the other day," this woman shares, "But when I went to fix it, I found these inside."

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12. Squeaky Clean

Reddit | AnAssGoblin

Apparently shower bats are a thing now. I'll stick to baths thank you very much.

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13. All The Way Down

Reddit | Gurtec

"Finally went to look in the crawl space in our basement," this person writes, "Instead, I found a ladder into a series of underground tunnels???"

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14. As Above So Below

Reddit | spicynoodlesoups

"Our Co-worker has been hiding in the company washroom," this person shares, "At first, I couldn't tell where he was hiding."

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15. Camo

Reddit | probablyannoying

I will personally give you an award if you can find the camouflage master in this photo. Honestly. I'll buy you a drink. 100%.

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16. Sick Kids

Reddit | blobert11

"Found these blocks in a children's book," one man writes, "Upon closer inspection, it seems there's some odd messages being put forth here."

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17. In Between

Reddit | [deleted]

Ah yes, my favorite vending machine snack of all vending machine snacks. I dare say it, but, when you see it, you'll know.

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18. Close Call

Reddit | nascentia

"Looks like a normal cable, right?" this person writes, "This booby-trapped cable nearly killed my friend."

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19. Bottoms Up

Goal Post Media

This would be a pretty cool excavation...if these hadn't all been taken out of one man's stomach.

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20. Step On A Crack

Reddit | thedelorean89

Lot's of things can get lost in public restrooms, including drug paraphernalia apparently.

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21. Stairway To Hell

Reddit | SearchingSeries

This would be moderately creepy if it was just a set of some random person's basement stairs, but it's actually a stairway to Death Row and the Criminally Insane at Missouri State Penitentiary.

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22. Clowning Around

Reddit | AmishElectrician92

Clowns freak me out all on their own, but there's something about knowing that these were John Wayne Gacy's clown outfits that makes this photo much more sinister.

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23. Till Death Do Us Part

Reddit | badfishnow

Going into a wedding with the word 'help' taped onto your shoes may not be the most sinister thing, but it certainly isn't well intended.

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24. Jeepers Creepers

Don't worry—it took me a long time to notice him too.

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25. Love Bug

Reddit | intenso

Spiders are really upping their camouflage game. I'm not pleased about it.

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26. Last Chance

Reddit | Toolazyforclever

You should probably avoid mirrors if you're going to cop a feel—or just, you know, not cop a feel in the first place.

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27. History Lesson

Reddit | JabroniWanKenobi

"I went to Dachau Concentration Camp and felt almost like it didn’t do anyone justice," one man writes, "It didn’t seem to reveal the extent of the horrors of what happened there. Until I saw this. My heart was in my stomach."

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28. Coming Out Of My Cage And I've Been Doing Not Fine

This would be shocking if keeping kids in cages wasn't like, part of the current American Dream. Too soon?

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29. Falling In Love

Reddit | KosherKittens

In all seriousness, we really hope that the girl falling down the stairs in the background made a speedy recovery.

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30. The Wall

Reddit | ArronBevin

Is there room for me to slither in?

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31. Quartet

Reddit | luxlucious

What scene from the movie The Ring is this?

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32. Who's A Good Boy?

Reddit | RanOverAKangarooNowItSmellsLikeSteak

Someone get that pup outta there!

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33. Brain Freeze

Reddit | jonwatttts

In-store daycare is getting a little wilder than expected.

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34. Wiggly

Reddit | middylin

Again, spiders need to chill with their camo skills. The world isn't ready for them.

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35. Night's Watch

Reddit | RAinnbow

Can these people PLEASE start buying proper curtains for their windows???

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36. Up For Adoption

Reddit | river_rose

The kid in the fish tank I mean. Well, and the puppy.

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37. Sharp Wit

Reddit | 00__

"Someone taped a razor blade to a shopping cart," this person writes. I'd like to cancel my human society membership, thanks.

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38. Sky Dying

Reddit | iwannabeded

Did you realize that this parachute was actually attached to human skin? Neither did I.

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39. Snapped

Indiana State Police

In 2017, Liberty German and her 13-year-old friend Abigail Williams, two eight graders from Delphi Indiana, managed to photograph their killer.

The two girls were snapping photos and posting them to social media, when they noticed a heavy-set man and decided to post his picture to Snapchat. Despite the girls never being seen again after these photos, the case remains unsolved.

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