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15+ Genius Creations That Everyone Needs In Their Home Pronto

Joyce Kiddell 26 Oct 2019

Just about everyone has running water and full washroom facilities, meaning that we're living in palaces compared to the standards of the past. But that doesn't mean we can't keep striving to have the perfectly genius home.

1. Everything in its place.

Reddit | Wanabep

I've been trying, and failing, for years to come up with a unified cable solution, where everything is accessible but mess-free. This looks awesome, but I'd still probably find a way to clutter it up.

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2. Den goals.

Reddit | remydesp

In case you thought your eyes were deceiving you, yes, this is a Netflix cave, the entrance of which is stealthily integrated into the living room decor. And yes, everyone needs one.

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3. I see the light.

Reddit | ansewrs

Big windows are nice and skylights are nicer. But what about a pane of glass so majestic that it does both at once? Imagine waking up in this beautiful room.

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4. Only in Scandinavia.

Reddit | joeChump

Apparently tailor-made shoe-drying machines are totally a thing in some Nordic countries. I don't understand why this hasn't spread to other snowy places. If you live in Minnesota, you know what it's like to have wet shoes during the winter.

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5. The power of water.

Reddit | The_Almighty_Ian

Waterproof shower radios are nothing new, but this invention takes things to another level. It's a waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled speaker for the shower. The best part? It draws its power from the force of the water.

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6. This could be dangerous.

Reddit | Krill_dude

Keurig machines have become super common and super affordable, but suddenly I don't want coffee so much after seeing this. It's the same idea, but it makes straight-up ice cream instead.

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7. Lean back.

Reddit | moudu_2004

You wouldn't want to mount this on a wobbly table or anything, but this foot hammock is an awesome idea. It's a deceptively simple design that accomplishes something quite unique.

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8. The go away door.

Reddit | ygdflgdflop

This doorknob might send a slightly unfriendly or even outright hostile message, so there's that. But then again, if you've locked the door in the first place, isn't that kind of the point?

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9. Be prepared.

Reddit | EMF911

You'd probably never need to use this. Even if you did face down an intruder, they probably wouldn't want to mess with somebody who charges out of their bedroom with a legit shield.

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10. AM or PM?

Reddit | VDT635

If you can't get enough of 24-hour time, this is most definitely the analog clock for you. Sure, it might be a bit weird getting used to noon being at the bottom, but that's the price to be paid for precision.

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11. Wheeee!

Reddit | Skeytv

Stairs are one of those simple inventions that we take for granted every day. But functional as a good staircase may be, it could always be improved with the addition of a twisty slide.

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12. This sink doesn't mess around.

Reddit | carolyndb1

I wouldn't put my rust-prone knives in an area where they could get splashed, but otherwise this drying rack might be quite literally the best drying rack I've ever seen.

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13. Perfect for the guest room.

Reddit | max_paeload

This isn't practical or anything, but still, I love the idea of a bath mat that leaves bloody footprints when you walk on it with wet feet.

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14. Stay connected.

Reddit | chapmanator

In the modern age, life is little more than moving from outlet to outlet in an effort to keep our various devices charged. This understated shelf behind the couch would be super handy.

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15. Portal?

Reddit | Mikesteve27

Non-gamers might see a room with a bunch of weird mirrors, or maybe a wormhole if they're the imaginative type. But for those who've played Portal, this looks like the ideal den.

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16. Use the Force.

Reddit | [deleted]

After looking at this pic, I'm still not totally sure how these books are being held up. There must be a hidden stand somewhere. Either that or it literally uses Jedi magic.

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17. A throne for your phone.

Reddit | mucruler

If this thing was equipped with wireless charging, it would truly be on another level. But even without, it's a great idea. I mean, you've gotta put your phone somewhere.

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18. Convenience.

Reddit | lProtheanl

Like the homemade couch charger a few items back, this couch-mounted USB port is located in the perfect location for quickly plugging in dying electronic devices.

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19. Grazing perfected.

Reddit | literal9

We've all spent our time gazing into the recesses of the fridge when we're looking to graze on snacks and can't figure out what we want, right? This see-through fridge lets you see all the things you might or might not want to snack on without letting all the cold air out.

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20. High quality H2O.

Reddit | DwightCharlieQuint

I love the fresh, chilled water from the fridge dispenser, but I hate waiting on its slow stream, so a built-in pitcher would be most welcome in my house.

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21. Clean and clear.

Reddit | roryrory2

For all of us who have to shave our faces, this heated mirror that doesn't fog up from the shower steam is an absolute delight.

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22. Growing painless.

Reddit | Thyphan69

This flower pot uses an origami-inspired design to grow right along with the plant it contains, gradually unfolding as the plant gets bigger.

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23. Simple storage.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Entry ways are one of the spots in dire need of organization, and this wall unit provides all the coat hooks and hangers you might need without getting in the way.

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24. Don't snooze on this.

Reddit | TheFlamingJoe

I don't know if anyone still uses alarm clocks or if they just use their phones, but if you are going to have a clock beside your bed, it may as well show you the time.

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25. No need to be sheepish about this.

Reddit | dittidot

There will come a day in your adult life when you will have to shop for a toilet paper holder. It's inevitable. Trying to find one that's actually attractive is a huge, huge challenge — but clearly it's not 100% impossible.

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26. Pop-out cinema.

Reddit | NateSpyder

You can't ask for a more low-key way to binge-watch anything than using a projector that descends out of the ceiling. I would totally put this in my hidden Netflix room.

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27. An immersive experience.

Reddit | brian-munich92

If you really like to sink into your bed, this is for you — a sunken pit bed that has sneakers in the walls. Sure, you can't watch TV unless you have one mounted on the ceiling, but this would still be a calming place to rest your head.

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28. Next level hide-a-bed.

Reddit | Panda_911

If a bed pit with built-in speakers doesn't do it for you, how about a bed frame in a box? You'd never even know a whole bed was in that thing.

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29. Space-saver.

Reddit | tmc2996

This tiny sink-stove-fridge combo would be a huge deal in a small kitchen, but I think even larger kitchens could take some inspiration from the use of space.

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30. Staying frosty.

Reddit | rishortish

Speaking of space-savers in the kitchen, these drawers are actually freezers, which in theory might just free up some space somewhere else.

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31. Safety first.

Reddit | Sloth_Luvs_Chunk

These doors are equipped with glow in the dark stickers around the handle, ensuring that it's easy to find your way in or out even if the surroundings are pitch black.

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32. Fill 'er up!

Reddit | maxbrustein

Because nobody enjoys hauling pots full of water from the sink to the stove on pasta night, this stove has a faucet installed above it. Sounds like a good idea to me!

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33. For that flat screen ambiance.

Reddit | skymaredreamseek

This is a security device to make your home look more lived-in. But it would also work well for anyone who finds comfort in the vague flicker of a TV in the next room.

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34. Just a bit more.

Reddit | merkvictavious

You know as well as I do that the slider on toaster is never as finely tuned as you hope it will be, so this toaster fixes that with a button that will toast your bread "a bit more" to get it juuuuuust right.

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35. The dream.

Reddit | DopeAir

Okay, this is at a restaurant, but what home wouldn't want a giant reel of salami?

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