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15 Hilarious Children That Will Be Going Very Far In Life

Kids are hilarious when they want to be, without even realizing it. Sometimes, they are just being honest about what they know and what they want. But, to us adults, it's the funniest thing we have ever heard.

Kids sometimes say the darndest things—and when we look back on their homework, their classwork, and the letters that they write to us, we can know that they are going to go very, very far in life.

This kid should get into the FBI.

Clearly, this child knows the deal. The tooth fairy is something that all kids believe in up until a certain point, but this one just had to prove that it's just a bunch of bologna. So, this one child was smart enough to prove it to his parents by pulling a scientific experiment. Who knew kids could be so clever?

What a dream.

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This kid has a dream that we will all get along, no more killing and no more war. But, most of all, the biggest dream that they have is that Justin Bieber will "just go away." What an opinion to have and what a dream.

Serious goals.

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Most kids dream of being a championship-winning basketball player for the NBA. But, there are some steps you need to take to get there. For example, you need to be tall, practice a lot, but also if you want to be a specific player you should shave your head—and be the same race.

He gets it.

Kid funny homework
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Who wants to be bothered all of the time by their friends? Sometimes, we get sick of the five friends that we have in our lives and when our phone is always going off, we need a break. This kid gets that friends can be a huge pain so he would 100% turn off the phone.

Same, Graham, same.

Kids funny homework
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In 100 years, you can best believe I will be in the ground. But, Graham knows there is much more to life and death than simply just dying. We have to come back and haunt the people who hurt us and bothered us and stole our snacks.

Stand up for what you believe in.

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This kid has the right idea when it comes to standing up for what you believe in. Going to a protest means making some cool signs, but this sign shows that there are some things that are not always political.

A true homemaker.

Everyone knows that when you own a home, you want to keep it clean and tidy. Making people take their shoes off before they enter is one thing that will definitely help you keep things on the right-sided of the clutter. This little one knows the deal with dust and dirt.

Albert is 100% all of us.

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Albert seems to know that when you become an adult, the only thing you truly want to do is nothing. We all want to stay home, sit on the couch, watch Netflix, and eat. We don't want to go to work. We want to be lazy forever.

Rachel knows what she truly wants.

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Boys are silly when they are younger. But, Rachel is standing clear and standing strong in what she wants. She knows Shawn is not worth her time, and needs to teach Shawn that if he ever wants a wife, he better get his stuff together now!

What a sweetheart.

letter to mom juice
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Max gets that if he wants his mom to know something, he has to do it gently and nicely. He doesn't like the Goodness Grapeness juices anymore and wishes she would stop buying them. But, the only way to get what you want is with honey, not vinegar. Max gets it.

Total and complete relaxation.

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Setting himself up for the future, this little dude knows that the recliner chair, his TV, and a good position are where it is at for total relaxation and "me" time moment. Put this side-by-side with a future photo.

The best kind of veggies, obviously.

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Max is doing what he has to do to get his homework done, but he seems to have a loose idea on what the word vegetable means. For example, chicken and waffles—definitely not two vegetables I would consider in my food groups. And, most certainly not stuff off the floor.

Solid plans.

Kids funny homework
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Everyone needs a process and everyone needs some solid goals to consider in life. Of course, having clear and attainable goals are what we need. What else would this guy want to do other than have someone to love, but also have world domination?

UNO and naps are what life is all about.

Funny kids homework
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If I had a plan for the rest of my life, it would be to play UNO and take a bunch of naps. My grandchildren will love it because I am always fun to be around and my wife will be happy to always have Pizza Hut for dinner. Yum!

He's going places.

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Being a hotdog guy sounds fun, but I don't think he needs to wait a whole hour to grill those dogs. This poor kid will end up with no business and burnt hot dogs. Someone teach him how to grill soon!