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Lori Loughlin 'Didn't Realize' Admissions Scam Was Against The Law

Emily Reily 26 Apr 2019

It seems rather far-fetched for Lori Loughlin to say that she didn't realize she was breaking the law when she went to all those lengths to get her kids into college, but that's what she's saying.

She Didn't Think It Was Illegal?

Cafemom writes that the actress didn't think bribing test proctors and having their kids pose as members of a crew team was illegal.

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Fraud, Money-Laundering Charges

Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are facing fraud, money-laundering, and other charges in that huge college-admissions scam that broke in March.

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Maybe They Should Have Taken the Deal?

CafeMom says the two originally rejected a plea deal for a two-year prison sentence for charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and then were slapped with the new charges of fraud and money-laundering.

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Loughlin, Giannulli Looking At 40 Years

For those alleged crimes, along with the new charges, they could face up to 40 years in prison.

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Surprise! Scamming Is Wrong

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Loughlin has said that she didn't think her actions to get her daughters into school wasn't a "huge deal" -- hence, the plea rejection. But alas, it is a huge deal.

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'Just Parents'

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CafeMom writes that according to an unnamed source, they thought they were just parents trying to make sure their kids got into the college of their choice.

"They're not lawyers and they're not experts. They were parents who simply wanted to make sure that their daughters got into a good school."

"Calling in favors, donating money to the alumni association, hiring consultants. Those are all things that parents do. And so they gave money to this consultant, not entirely knowing everything that was going to be done.

"When it all fell apart, nobody was as surprised as they were that they were in trouble. She never intended to break any laws, and if she did, it was inadvertent."

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Tell Us Another One

But the thing is, the rest of us go through the college application process, legally, without any issues. The rest of us don't spend $500,000 to help scam their kids into school.

We're not buying Loughlin's claim they "didn't know the legalities of what was going on," as a source says.

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