McDonald's Has New Tubs Of Melted Cheese That Are Perfect For Dipping Burgers

McDonald's is famous for its iconic fast food and famous commercials, and as of 2020, it's also famous for selling tubs of delicious melted cheese.

That's right, forget ketchup and the nugget sauces, it's all about the new McDonald's cheese tubs.

We haven't tried a tub yet, but can honestly say, we're already lovin' it.

This may sound cheesy, but these tubs are making us melt.

We're pretty sure this is McDonald's Christmas gift to customers to make up for the mess of 2020, and it almost does.

Dipping our burgers in melted cheesy goodness is going to be one heavenly distraction from...well, everything.

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We can't wait to dunk our fries in these cheese tubs.

While these melted cheese tubs aren't exclusively for fry dipping, they seem kind of like a match made in heaven.

They also work with burgers, nuggets, and even just dipping your hand in the tub and scooping it when no one is around.

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It's time to plan a trip to Brazil immediately.

So, the only heartbreaking thing about these tubs of melted cheese is that they're only available in Brazil right now.

There's not even confirmation as to whether they'll become a permanent item on the Brazilian menu yet, but we're keeping our fingers crossed!

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In the meantime, the McRib is back.

While we swim in cheese-filled dreams, we can enjoy the deliciousness of the McRib until we can combine both worlds and dip our McRibs in savory tubs of cheese.

Let us know what you think of the new McDonald's tubs of melted cheese and if you'd like to try a tub or two or three.

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