Snake eggs
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19 Objects I Wouldn't Have Known Existed If Not For The Internet

Thanks to the internet, we have so much information right at our fingertips.

Of course, some things we'd rather not know, like what happens when people perform stupid internet challenges or these controversial opinions.

But the internet can be handy at times, like the Redditor page "What Is This Thing?" Thanks to some smart cookies, come learn what these 19 weird objects are!

The walking stick medallions

Walking medallions
reddit | u/LethalDeadlyCuteSnek

"I've met an old man in Germany and he sent me these little coat of arms, telling me to visit each of this location before I die. What are these exactly used for?" this Redditor asked.

The rattlesnake rattle

Rattlesnake rattle
reddit | sal25

While most people (read: us) try to destroy to the creepy crawlies we find, some turn to the internet. Like this Redditor who thought this was some type of cockroach in his toaster. Turns out it's much worse!

The new car

New car in weird wrapping
reddit | NotoriousJB

"It obscures the car while being test driven, so the yet-to-be-released models are not photographed and published," a Redditor explained. "The random 'wave' patterns effectively hide the body contours and lines."

The screensaver

Coffee button
reddit | ianf2k17

Show this to any millennial and they will be stumped over what the coffee cup icon means.

While we wish it meant that someone will bring you Starbucks, it actually activates the computer's screensaver. Cool, we guess, but not as cool as an iced coffee.

The food robot

Food robot
reddit | u/dr_rentschler

Just when we thought technology couldn't get cooler ~~and humans couldn't get more lazy~~ this robot was invented! Redditors explained that it's a semi-autonomous food delivery robot or drone from Starship Technologies. Do we still need to tip it?

The float plane mover

Float plane mover
reddit | Ouisha

"This truck's job is to move planes up and down a boat ramp into the water. Backing up an ordinary truck+trailer combo down a boat ramp is not easy," a Redditor explained. "With this vehicle, the driver can look straight forward down the ramp rather than in his rear-view mirror."

The snake eggs

Snake eggs
reddit | turtlepowr89

"Relative found these eggs in her yard in Georgia," a Redditor explained. Another answered, "I'm betting a bird of prey caught itself a pregnant snake and had started tearing into it but flew off with the rest of the snake and this Uterine Tube fell out due to the weight of the eggs."

The voice recorder

Voice recorder
reddit | M-I-G-Y

A woman's house cleaner found this under the woman's dresser when she was cleaning.

The answers were terrifying. One Redditor explained that it's a voice recorder. But since it doesn't transmit using wireless, whoever put it there will be back.

The worms who need to get a room

Two worms mating
reddit | Unlucky__Leprechaun

"You see those two spots where there is a bit of white foam between the worms? That's where the reproductive organs are," a Redditor explained. "What's happening here is each worm is impregnating the other (worms are hermaphrodites, both male and female)."

The pyrite gold

Pyrite in rock
reddit | u/D3adkl0wn

One Redditor found fool's gold in an old square metal on a rock. After asking what it was, someone answered, "Pyrite. Fool's gold. Forms perfect cube crystals, fairly common mineral. Yours appears to be embedded in slate."

The Black Drum fish fossils

Black drum fish fossil
reddit | XxUFOxX11

"The Black Drum had a short deep body with a high arched back, but a flattish belly," a Redditor explained. "The jaw teeth were small and pointed, but the throat was armed with large, flat, pavement-like teeth with which the drum crushed shellfish, for food. This characteristic separates it from the weakfish and the king fish."

The black bobcat

Black bobcat
instagram | BlackoutSentinel

This isn't the kind of kitty you want to pshpshpshpsh to, or try to cuddle. This is a black bobcat, although it also looks like a young jaguar. The Redditor saw it in Texas and thought it was a domestic cat at first.

The street mirror

Street mirror in window
reddit | kemcio17

"In Denmark they are called a 'gadespejl' It is an old invention, basically a mirror that made it possible to view the street from the comfort of your couch," a Redditor explained. Yay for spying on neighbors without them knowing!

The pepper spray paint gun

Paintball spray gun
reddit | IVIichael

"Technically it is a paintball gun, however the paintballs it fires have pepper spray powder inside of them. It's less than lethal defense." That, or the guy ran to the crime scene and all he had was a paintball gun in his car.

The portable men's urinal

Portable urinal
reddit | home_cheese

This Redditor who posted this explained that they found this small kettle years ago. Only it wasn't a kettle at all. Someone told them that it's a portable men's urinal for bedbound patients. So yeah, uh, we'll pass on that cup of tea, thnx.

The trackable pebble

Trackable pebble
reddit | wildedgeofficial

"This is a 'tracker pebble' used for tracking longshore drift," one Redditor explained. "The pebbles have a serial number, are buried in a location and then refound further down the coast in the shingle by metal detector."

The flamingo sign

Flamingo sign
reddit | spangloss

After a Redditor saw this sign, they went in search of answers. "It means do not scare the flamingos," someone explained. "Many people would cross that sign to scare them so that they could fly and get a picture."

The slime mold

Slime mold
reddit | u/dr_rentschler

"It is absolutely a slime mold and I am so jealous! If you take a sample, you can put it in a separate jar or bowl and keep it as a new pet," one Redditor answered. "They eat oats."

The siphonophore

Siphonophore in hand
reddit | u/goforajog

Unfortunately for this Redditor, they picked up this weird-looking thing before hundreds of people told them not to.

As many explained, it can have stingers that could potentially be fatal to humans, even after being washed up and dead for some time.