A bike with a broken pedal.
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20 People Who Tripped Over Something Hilarious

If you know where to look, you can find all sorts of hilariously strange things to laugh about all day. But if you're lucky, the funniest moments might just fall on your lap.

These people stumbled upon some pretty wild stuff. Stuff that you honestly can't help but get a chuckle out of. I can't tell if this makes them lucky, or unlucky!

I'm not sure if I believe them.

The back of a car. Where the license plate should be is a piece of paper that reads, "On God I'm going to the DMV."
reddit | AusTrunks

I almost feel like driving a car with a sign on it like that is waaaay more conspicuous than driving one with no license plate on it at all. Wouldn't be surprised if they got pulled over on the way to the DMV.

That's what sea said, she said.

The hull of a boat named "That's what sea said."
reddit | Stupidfunny123

I have to say, that's a pretty clever name for a boat. Sure, it might be giving 2006 teen comedy, but that's kind of the charm, I think. After all, that is what "sea" said.

"Can't argue with that logic!"

A motorcycle store with a sign that reads, "Bored and ugly? Buy a bike and just be ugly!"
reddit | fierfrancophone

I mean, you really can't argue with that kind of logic. Sure, buying a new bike might not make you any less ugly, but at least it'll keep you from being stuck inside, bored out of your mind?

"I predict you can't spell."

A sign for a psychic that advertises "terror" card readings.
reddit | waspiflab666

Whether you believe in fortune telling or not, you have to admit that the idea of "terror" card readings sounds, well, terrifying. I think I'll stay away from trying to see my future, thank you very much.

Ah yes, the noble mango-cado.

A sign for mango ice cream that has an avocado on it.
reddit | paulobyly

No, that's not a mango. In fact, if I had to pick two fruit that taste nothing alike, despite maybe looking a little similar, it would be mango and avocado. They probably wouldn't even taste that good together.

"What kind of psycho would sleep this way?"

The instructions for an IKEA couch bed where a person is sleeping with their head at the foot of the bed.
reddit | Tuhyk_inside

A part of me is kind of thinking that maybe this was the way we were supposed to sleep in pull out beds, but we've been doing it wrong this whole time. Nah, that would just be crazy. Unless...

"The microwave at work died. Someone took the time write an obituary."

An obituary for a broken microwave.
reddit | Dannerz

"Though your waves may have been micro, your impact on us was macro" has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read. Don't take your work's microwave for granted!

"Hard truths learned at local book store."

A book called "If you can dream it, you can do it" in the fiction section of a bookstore.
reddit | Crossfiyah

I think the funniest thing is the fact that this isn't even a self-help book or anything. It's a décor guide. But I guess for the sake of the joke, let's ignore that part and just focus on the title.

Because these recommendations make PERFECT sense!

A personalized concert recommendation for death metal that features non-metal artists like Rick Astley and the Jonas Brothers.
reddit | jaden-has-arrived

I don't know about you, but Kidz Bop has got to be the most metal group out of all of those recommendations. Even more metal than the Jonas Brothers or Rick Astley, I daresay.

"The cake at my coworker's going away party."

A cake that reads, "You're dead to us, we hope you fail."

You know, it's sentimental words like those that make it so much harder to leave your old job behind. You can just tell how much they're going to miss that coworker! You know, on opposite day.

"Aren't we all..."

The back of a dirty Kia Soul with a license plate that reads, "tired."
reddit | NonCorporealEntity

I have to say, whoever got that vanity plate must be super lucky (or unlucky, maybe). The best part of this picture is definitely how dirty the car is, though. It's like it's crying out for somebody to wash it.

"Great car sticker I saw today."

A car decal that reads, "Sorry for driving so close in front of you."
reddit | BangersHashtag

Because nobody likes tailgaters. Probably not even the people who usually do the tailgating. I guess if you're close enough to read that decal, you might want to rethink a few of your driving (and possibly life) choices.

"My father-in-law labels all his plants."

A group of plants with various labels like "You make me want to sprout" and "I soiled my plants."
reddit | canhazreddit

These are definitely the kinds of plants a dad owns. I think "I soiled my plants" is probably the best label, since it's, like, a double pun. Because soil. And plants. You get it.

I wonder if he got any hits?

A sign next to a car that reads, "Wife wanted. Apply by mail. Be creative!"
reddit | theErawl

I actually really want to know if this dude got any letters or not. Sure, this may be the least productive way to search for a wife, but it's definitely the most entertaining option.

"Cheeky Amazon signage in the electronics aisle of Target."

A sign car for Amazon Alexa that reads, "Make your home a smart home! Leave."
reddit | grecianformula69

Well, I guess that's one way to up the intelligence level in your house...

Why is it that I can picture Alexa saying this? Like, to you while you're in your house.

Whatever business you do in the park is up to you...

Because nothing screams "suspicious" quite like leaving for a hike with a second person, and then coming back alone with a trash bag to stuff in your car trunk. Totally normal, sure.

"The start of my weight loss journey."

The broken pedal of a bicycle.
reddit | lmnDK

I guess it was both the start and the end. But on the plus side, OP had a sense of humor about it, and they didn't get hurt while on the ride, so all is well. Mostly.

I have no idea how they want me to pronounce that.

Something tells me that, apart from the author's name maybe, none of those umlauts are supposed to be there. But I also have to know if this was some kind of weird accident, or a clever joke because it's a German book.

I mean, one of them has got to be Stephen, right?

I guess at some point, if you call out to "Stephen" enough times, someone will decide to start answering. If you're lucky, that someone might actually be Stephen!

Isn't technology the best?

"Pikachu hitching a train ride."

A person wearing a large Pikachu costume while holding a rail in a subway.
reddit | Vehement00

Man, Pikachu has fallen on some tough times if he's taking the train like the rest of us.

But also, the hand sticking out of the costume's mouth is absolutely what makes this picture as hilarious as it is.