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'Red Hot' Ginger Men Wanted For Sexy Ibiza 2020 Calendar

Emily Reily 25 Apr 2019

The makers of the "Red Hot European Boys" 2020 calendar are looking for six more ginger men to grace the inside of their graphic publication.

Comin' In Hot

Unilad writes that photographer Thomas Knights and art director Elliott James Frieze have found six of the hottest red-hot gingers for next year's calendar, but they need six more.

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Gingers Welcome

This could be you, hanging on every wall around the world, but you have to have natural red hair -- because apparently these calendar boys will bare all.

"The calendar is said to contain 'non-explicit nudity,' 'gorgeous bodies.' 'handsome faces,' and 'beach bums," to give you an idea of what qualifications they're seeking.

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Calendar Boys

Instagram | @redhot100

Red Hot was cooked up by Knights in 2013 to create a "global movement" aimed at the evolving fashion industry.

According to its website, the company has made several calendars and two art books.

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For A Good Cause

Red Hot has contributed to charities, such as the Diana Award, which aims to help youth around the world. This time, the company hopes to raise about $15,000 for the Terrance Higgins Trust, which seeks to end HIV transmission in the United Kingdom.

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Get Your Daily Dose Of Heat Today

The company's first book, "Red Hot 100," raised about $12,000, which they also donated to charity.

There's even a Red Hot American Boys 2019 calendar, so it's still not too late to purchase one.

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You Still Need A Good Personality

View their Kickstarter campaign to learn more or just to view more pictures of gorgeous redheads.

If you're interested in being considered for the calendar, you can submit a picture to Red Hot's Instagram page, though you'd better also be athletic and have a great personality to be considered.

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