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19 Signs That Have Me Cackling

Funny and signs don’t usually go together — until now. 

Gone are the days when signs were associated with being boring and strict, like a stop sign telling you to stop. Or a store sign telling you to wear shoes and a shirt in order to get service.

These days, signs are much more creative — and hilarious. 

See what I mean with these 19 signs that have me cackling. 

The wrong time for an abbreviation

Assorted fudge sign
reddit | u/ryanmark01

The word this sign was looking for was assorted! Either the worker has rocks in his head, or he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. It's probably the latter. Regardless, we'll pass on this deal!

This Tinder sign

Tinder sign
reddit | u/deepmobber

Restaurants and bars are the original ways to meet people! Instead of swiping left or right while at home in your most embarrassing PJs, you can meet people in person and see if you click.

Does this sign mean we can swipe people in the face, though?

The pee guy

Sign about finding a pee guy
reddit | u/Griftimus

Most people go to the gym to workout and relax, not be on the search for the phantom peeman! But who knows? Maybe it's a good workout to catch this person and run as fast as you can before they pee on you.

The sign of shame

Sign about littering
reddit | u/KuronFury

This sign should be the boilerplate for signs used in kids' rooms and around men. They will have to question if they are, in fact, still a man child who requires their mommy to clean up after them.

This really has to be said?

Soda sign
reddit | u/thepowerofgus

We get loving pop and all and wanting to be germ-free to ward off sickness, but this is taking things too far. Washing your hands with pop is like sticking them into a bowl of sticky sugar.

This clever marketing

Marvel Yard Sale sign
reddit | u/HaZZaH33

Most yard sale signs are so boring that people never bother to stop by. But this?! How could you not go visit a yard sale that reminds you that it a) literally costs nothing and b) might even have Marvel items.

This crappy sign

Sign about poo size
reddit | u/CYBERSson

sighs pulls out measuring tape We never thought we'd have to do this again, but rules are rules. If you break the rules, they will make you wear another sign that says you're "a real big piece of [expletive]."

Those smokin' rabbits

Sign about smoking rabbits
reddit | u/KuronFury

Smoke 'em if you got 'em! That's what the rabbits say each night after they scope out the parking lot of the bowling alley. Sure, now that this sign is up, they will have withdrawals, but their health will drastically improve.

These smoking dogs

Smoking dogs sign
reddit | u/SeniorFuzzyPants

This is what the bowling alley was trying to avoid with the smoking rabbits! The first step was to prevent the rabbits from getting their grubby paws on them. Now, you can see what the sign could lead to with these smoking dogs.

The #1 hole-in-the-wall

Sign about a hole crashing into restaurant
reddit | u/vision40

When this restaurant had to close after a truck drove into it, the owners were worried about losing lots of money. So in order to make the best out of a bad situation, they came up with this brilliant sign!

P stands for Pee

Pool sign about pee
reddit | u/LegendSkapie420

What a cheeky sign! It's almost as cheeky as some people's bathing suits. Can P also stand for "poop" because we're really tired of seeing that in the pool. Plus, they have to be measured to see if they're allowed or not, like in that bathroom.

The belly rubs

Sign about belly rubs
reddit | u/ODLL223

Dave was so excited when he read the first part of this sign. He had been driving all day and missed the belly rubs he got from his mom. But as soon as he read the second part, he knew what he had to do: visit the costume store for a dog suit.

These are the same thing, no?

Baby and beer sign
reddit | u/deleted

Those who get it, get it. They know that beer is as important as a baby. The same "break it you buy it" policy should count for children. If you break them AKA leave them with emotional problems, you should be forced to pay for their therapy.

The spider lives there now

Spider sign for blasted home
reddit | u/ODLL223

If we were the insurance person working on paying out the claim on this building, this would be 100 percent a valid reason. If you see a sopider and you can't catch it, you can either call the police, leave the keys to your home, or blast it down.

This snarky sign

Snarky sign about coffee
reddit | u/RedditRocks2021

Companies handle bad reviews in all different ways. Some will hire a customer relations specialist to suck up to customers, even if they're wrong. And others will, well, make signs like this.


How brilliant and adorable is this?! And since the sign also addressed dogs in their language, it ensures that the dog will run around and refuse to leave the dog park until their owner picks up their poop.

This sign nailed it

Sign about shingles
reddit | u/scot816

Since this sign is located next to a road, drivers were only able to get a glimpse of it. That meant that a LOT of confused people called this construction company expecting something else to get nailed...

It's always a Joe

Sign about days since last accident
reddit | u/deleted

Safety, quality excellence — three words Joe knows nothing about! He liked to have fun on the job instead by playing around on the forklift and making it snow with packing peanuts. Wait a minute — maybe Joe is really Michael from The Office?