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SpongeBob Squarepants Did Appear At The Super Bowl, But Fans Were Left Wanting More

Andrew Roberts 4 Feb 2019

So yes, fans did get their SpongeBob Squarepants moment at the Super Bowl on Sunday. During half time, Maroon 5 stopped playing and Squidward hopped up onto the screen to introduce their big number.

But instead of "Sweet Victory," we saw the group introduce Travis Scott and "Sicko Mode."

Meant To Be A Tribute

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The moment was meant to be a tribute to Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob that passed away back in November after a battle with ALS.

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Fans Petitioned

Fans petitioned for the song to be performed and Nickelodeon even uploaded the full moment in official glory to YouTube. And it would've fit so well if they did work it in.

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What We Got

But what happened was just a bit of Squidward and Spongebob, with the intro flying in and then turning into a scene from Final Fantasy VII with Travis Scott crashing into Atlanta to perform "Sicko Mode."

It's a cool intro, no doubt, but it is not something that sat well with fans who thought it was happening and then ended up seeing it cut short.

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Fans Were Upset

They were not happy, going to social media -- the only place where grievances can be shared in modern society -- using some moments from the show and other reactions to cover their feelings.

Given the general feelings towards the game and the halftime show, this was the moment they could've used to save face and they fell flat.

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The Natural Reaction

The natural reaction by those who thought it was just a tease and nothing else should've been expected. If anything, we all should be happy we got what we got given the stage and who was putting on the show.

Fun is not top on the list.

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More Of A Cameo

Five seconds is just a really big tease for something that could've been amazing. The placement was nice, but the whole thing just seemed to be silly in the end.

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'Everyone Disliked That'

And while it might be a stretch to say everybody disliked the show or the SpongeBob moment, it is still something that could've been much more than what we got.

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Some Were Happy To Get Something

There were a few people that praised the opening for Travis Scott at least. And it was cool to see the meteorite speed to the surface of the planet and have Scott perform in the fire of the crash.

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What Might've Been

Still, a few folks put together a look at what might've been if the folks behind the halftime show had given their all to the Spongebob aspect of the show.

It really could've been a sweet victory.

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