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19 Things People Have No Sympathy For

Ay any time, the world’s tiniest violin could be playing. 

It could be for a person who got into an accident after driving recklessly. Or for the animal poacher who got attacked by the very animal they were hunting. Or even for Kylie Jenner, the billionaire, who got slammed by the internet for taking a three-minute private plane ride

The level of sympathy the world has for these people is zero, zilch. 

Here, the violin keeps playing for these 19 things people have no sympathy for.

People who demand respect from others, but don't give it in return.

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Respect is a two-way street! It goes both ways, so if you want someone to treat you fairly, you better give the same back in return. Those who don't are, well, jerks.

People who throw tantrums and yell at minimum wage workers.

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If you're on a date and this happens, RUN! These kind of people have clearly missed the respect memo above. Plus, it means that you'll be apologizing on their behalf the rest of your life.

Drunk drivers.

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"That $30 cab is not more expensive or more of a hassle than lifelong crippling injuries, and financial ruin from paying out the family of the man you killed. People trying to get in their car drunk is one of the few things I will get confrontational about. Not a [expletive] chance you're getting your keys back till you're sober." - u/Zombiehacker595

People who repeatedly dodge accountability.

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"The mental gymnastics they use are beyond me. I'm pretty good at understanding people and how they think most the time. But people who are never responsible have absolutely zero logical consistency. It dumbfounds me." - u/Thegungoesbangbang

People who adopt pets and then treat them badly.

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This is just so sad. Pets are a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. When you agree to adopt an animal, you are agreeing to love and care for that animal. There must be a special place in hell for anyone who does the opposite.

Willful ignorance.

Ross on Friends
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"And they get so offended when I don't take it from them. If their goal is to be stupid on purpose, they'd better be prepared to be treated like they're stupid. None of this 'you can't blame me' nonsense." - u/jaydeflaux

People who ridicule other people's appearance when they're just living their life.

A person saying you are a bully and I won't be bullied.
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"Rock bottom being the ones who make fun of fat people at the gym. At that point you don't even have the [expletive] excuse of "but it's to motivate them or something" that's just plain evil." - u/CassielTenebrae

Pageant moms.

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One Redditor believes that this is the most blatant form of “I am living vicariously through my children" the world has ever seen. It's also a messed-up way of sexualizing girls at a very young age, which is never okay.


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Here's one to lighten the mood. It doesn't matter that these are living creatures; many Redditors want to kill them as soon as they come around. They are pesky buggers who carry diseases, steal your blood, and leave you itching for days afterward.

People who are hateful towards others for something they cannot help.

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"I am 29, and have to use a leg brace and cane to move around. Do not get angry with me because I’m in a handicapped spot at the grocery store, and yell at me how I’m doing it for attention as I quite literally limp to my car." - u/aharrison4

Super wealthy people having to do with a little less than they’re used to.

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"Come live under the federal poverty line with me for a few years & then talk to me about how much you’ve been forced to cut back on spending. Sometimes I have water & sleep for dinner." - u/ghosts-go-boo

People who cheat.

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They're sad and upset that their partner chose to left them? Boo-hoo! They shouldn't have been so willing to throw their partner away in the first place. It doesn't matter if you're drunk or not, cheating is always a choice — one that has consequences.

Trophy hunters who get attacked by animals.

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"They help in the extinction of endangered species for money and 'respect' with no care and I honestly can't feel bad for them if they get attacked. First of all it's stupid to go near wild predators and second they're wiping out species for literally no good reason." - u/Crusaderfigures

People who blame everything on their mental issues.

Skylar on Breaking Bad
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One Redditor believes that it doesn't give people the right to be a crappy person. It's even worse if these people are magnifying their symptoms by labeling small things as depression or trauma.

When greedy rich people lose all of their wealth due to poor investing.

Logan Paul
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"I don’t have a problem with people being well off but there is a fine line between a humane amount of wealth and wealth earned by taking advantage of people. CEOs work hard but you can’t tell me they work any harder than a roofer on a hot summer day." - u/deleted

People who constantly complain about their partners, but refuse to leave them.

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"A dispute or a hardship here and there is fine, but if your constant is relationship troubles, either break up or stop talking to other people about it. Your friends are absolutely sick of you." - u/jasmine-is-my-leia

Drivers who drive recklessly.

Woman driving bad

This could be speeding like crazy, swerving in and out of lines, or — worse —driving while under the influence. If this results in a person's death, a lot of Redditors believe that they don't deserve to rest in peace.

Bad teachers who actively hate teaching or kids.

Cameron Diaz as a teacher
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"You could make more money working less hard in any number of other jobs. Save your students years of trauma from the [expletive] things you say to them and leave already!" - u/brownidegurl


Man hiding in darkness
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There's not an inch of sympathy for these kinds of people, according to many Redditors. A lot of the time, these people find themselves the target of attacks in prison, especially if the person they raped or molested was a child.

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