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LeBron James Sends Taco Truck To Feed Firefighters Battling California Wildfires

This week, NBA star LeBron James showed his appreciation for the firefighters and first responders bravely battling the California wildfires by sending a taco truck to keep them all well-fed with a hot meal.

On Monday, James and his family were forced to evacuate their own Los Angeles home in the wake of the Getty Fire.

According to CNN, James tweeted about how difficult it was for them to find a place to stay before later confirming they had finally found safe accommodations.

"It's just challenging at that hour, getting my family, getting my kids, getting everybody and having to evacuate at such a rapid, rapid rate," James told reporters before his Tuesday night game. "You don't really have much time to think about what you can get or what you can do. You just got to get out and get to safety."

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James also tweeted to send his "best wishes to the first responders" who are battling the wildfires.

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At the time his family was evacuated, the Getty Fire had destroyed more than 650 acres of land in the Los Angeles area and was only 15 percent contained.

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On Tuesday, James took his admiration for those first responders one step further and sent them a taco truck.

Mayor Eric Garcetti shared the news of the Los Angeles Lakers star's generosity on Twitter, alongside photos of the truck and the hungry people who got to enjoy some delicious food.

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As many fans can attest to, James' choice of food truck wasn't random.

The basketball star is known for his love of tacos, and his company even once unsuccessfully attempted to copyright the term, "Taco Tuesday". Clearly James wanted to share his passion for the delicious dish with LA's finest.

As of reporting, the Getty Fire has been 79 percent contained after destroying 745 acres of land. All evacuation orders have been lifted.

h/t: CNN

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