16+ Times We Left Our Brains At Home

The world is full of stupid mistakes! And I feel like I am in a very good position to point this out, as I have never made a single misteak in my life, not one!

Here are some of the funniest and most hilarious mistakes that people have made. Please enjoy these 16+ times we left our brains at home!

If Only He Had A Truck To Transport That Wood!

Reddit | EllieMD12

Like, seriously, what is going through this guy's head? Well, presumably nothing is going through his head, judging from this!

"Centipede Face Tattoo."

Reddit | an_demon

If there is anyone out there who is considering trying to defend this life-changing decision, then you need to give your head a shake. Dear God, this is unavoidably horrendous.

"This toucan is doomed."

Reddit | kablami

How do you mess up a maze? Also, if it is a toucan, why would it be flying down a waterfall? Use a different animal for your stupid maze!

"From my kid. Wow, thanks I guess."

Reddit | coolneatslick

It also must be a real source of disappointment that they cannot write clearly or spell. Yeah, you're a real let down, "bois."

"Well, what's the point of this?!"

Reddit | The-Van

In my head I can just imagine a small fire sneaking up to this fire extinguisher, chaining it up, and then creeping away while cackling like Muttley from Wacky Races.

"Hand sanitizer found at my chiropractor's office."

Reddit | StarfishStabber

No, dear God no, that is a horrific idea, even as a joke! Also, maybe if your chiropractor stopped playing with light sabers then they wouldn't have so many cuts!

"Would anyone care to guess which one is currently lining my mouth?"


I think that the one who came off worse in this scenario is the baby who has a nappy filled with Colgate Sensifoam. I can't imagine I'd want that on my rear!

"When 2020 gives you directions..."

Reddit | Minifig81

You also know that no matter which one you guess first, it will be the wrong one. Like trying to plug in a USB stick, you know the first way up you try will always be the wrong way.

"Gamer Wedding Cake."

Reddit | Limebabies

Ah yes, nothing is better on the day that you're meant to be marrying the person you love than suggesting that they are ruining your life!

"Uh oh, quicksand."

Reddit | Steiny2042

"Dave, I think we should move."

"Allan, do you mind? I'm trying to read this sign."

"But you can't read."

"I'll work it out, dammit!"

"Replace 'horse' with 'Dad' and this would be perfect for my front door."

Reddit | -avoidingwork-

I would actually really like to see this horse, as all I can imagine is an old horse who just looks absolutely sick of everyone else's nonsense.

"Had to return this book to amazon for the fowl language!"

Reddit | TheSonsofAtreus

Well, as my grandfather — who was also a chicken — used to say in times like these, "Cluck cluck, cluck cluck cluck!"

I Just Really Hate AC/DC Man!

Reddit | jakedaily

I am actually more amazed that there are actually people out there who do like the bland, insipid music of AC/DC!

"This Toilet Design!"

Reddit | Beras11

There were actually a few people saying that they quite liked this, and all that that proves is that those people are creepy weirdos!

"My husband accidentally dropped salsa and sour cream on his shirt."

Reddit | Kricket25

I mean, if you go around just wearing a t-shirt with a chicken on it, then you kind of need to expect this sort of thing to happen! Well, if you're a clumsy dolt you do!

"American uniform suits Yuri very much!"

Reddit | Andrewko_

The first person to tell me who the person in the picture actually is will get a prize, and the prize is self-respect.

"This kindergarten in Taiwan uses photos to mark their students' plants."

Reddit | Deafknight3

"Hi, Ms. Johnson. Look how well Jimmy's plant is doing!"

"Oh, wow! How amazing! Where is Jimmy?"

"Well, funny you should ask. Do you maybe want to sit down?"

"Awesome homemade gift for teachers."

Reddit | Stupidbatteries

I think that they maybe should have gone for a hollowed-out apple? This is really sending the wrong message!

"Someone accidentally set off the fire suppression system in a military hanger."

Reddit | Juno012

Someone suggested that they just need to open the hangar doors and turn the helicopters on. Well, then you just need some trippy lights and a DJ and you've got one hell of a party!

"Poor Kid!"

Reddit | luaka_

This one is sort of adorable actually, although why would the kid be scared of a real bear? It's not like bears are some of the most terrifying and dangerous animals on the planet?