Alex Baldwin with his hand in front of his face as he speaks about Heche's accident.
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Celebrities Criticized For Wishing Anne Heche Well After Firey Crash

The news was alight with stories about Anne Heche yesterday, an actress known for movies such as Six Days Seven Nights and Donnie Brasco, as she was in a severe car accident.

Famous friends of hers have shared words of support, which some fans aren't taking too well as more circumstances surrounding the crash emerge, and people learn Heche may be at fault.

Yesterday, reports got out that actress Anne Heche was in a car accident.

A photo of Heche's wrecked car.

A very serious one too. She crashed into an apartment complex garage, then a civilian home where her car caught fire. She was rescued from the firey vehicle badly burnt, but she's expected to recover.

It's suspected that she was driving under the influence of alcohol, though those claims haven't been confirmed.

Since then, a few celebrities have sent well wishes her way.

This includes Alec Baldwin, who posted a video to his Instagram calling Heche "an amazingly talented woman", and Rosanna Arquette who tweeted out asking fans to pray for Heche's safety.

Some fans found their pleas for Heche's safety to be inappropriate.

Especially considering those allegations of drunk driving.

"What about the people that she almost killed??...Is she more important?" asked one person in the comments of Alec's video, while the tweet above was in response to Arquette's own post.

The public seems to be divided regarding support for Heche in this time.

A photo of the house that was badly burned by the fire.
GoFundMe | Jennifer Durand

Though many did some together to spread a link containing a GoFundMe for the woman whose house Heche hit, which was hallowed out and ruined by the fire Heche's crash sparked.

All the world can do now is watch and wait.

Anne Heche in Donnie Brasco.
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Waiting for news regarding Heche's recovery and if she was, indeed, under the influence of alcohol while behind the wheel.

Here's hoping that Heche and everyone affected by the crash is safe.