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A 10-Year-Old Girl's Lavish Christmas Wish List Goes Viral, Asks For '4,000 Dollars'

Remember being jazzed to make fun Christmas wish lists as a kid? I would ask for all the pointless things and toys I saw in commercials, like Silly Putty, or an Easy Bake Oven (sorry, it does NOT taste good). Now, I ask for my student loans paid off and a humidifier, maybe some new pillows.

One 10-year-old is showing she's living in 2030 with her Christmas wish list.

You may recall making lists like this as a kid. Heck, maybe you STILL do. I'm not judging.


But, I can almost guarantee none of our lists were as advanced as one 10-year-old girl's.

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Her dad shared the now-viral list on Twitter, because he knew our day needed to be made.

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"My 10 year old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list," he wrote, followed by stressed/shocked emojis.

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As you can see, his daughter sure thinks she's been mighty nice this year.

She asked for the most lavish and bougie things that even 28-year-olds like me wish for, such as the latest iPhone, clothes, a GoPro, and "asenchal" oils.

Talk about expensive taste!

Apparently, there is no particular order of importance.

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The list gets everyone cackling for how ambitious it is, and her best item? Four thousand dollars.

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Me too, girl, me too.

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Twitter's reactions are hilarious.

Christmas wish lists are for babies — we now call them "Christmas registries."

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It all makes sense!

How could we be so ignorant?

You gotta love and appreciate her hustle! This girl's going to end up on Shark Tank one day as an investor. Don't @ me.

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