Twitter Users Say Zara's Weird Model Photos Make It Impossible To Shop Online

Brittany Rae

Oh, Zara. Never stop being weird.

Twitter users noticed that Zara's models are posed... shall we say uniquely in product shots. Some even say that it's impossible to shop there because of it. Honestly? After seeing some of the pictures, I get why.

So, here's the best (and funniest) of Twitter roasting the hell out of Zara. You're welcome.

Ah yes, I was hoping to see how a blazer looked when worn while sitting backwards on a chair.


That's the exact aesthetic I'm going for. I also naturally want to wear that blazer with a pair of shorts. Very office appropriate.

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This one had me rolling.

You don't need to enlarge the picture in the tweet, by the way. It won't magically reveal a model wearing a t-shirt. It's just gonna be more of her face. Once again: no shirt to be seen. On a page for the shirt.

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Is this model okay?


How does one get into that position and not immediately a) topple over, or b) suffer a broken ankle? Girl, blink twice if you need help.

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Please, no pictures.

The paparazzi be wildin' these days, I guess. Why else would you hide your entire face with the tail of your coat?

This is great photography for a coat meant to be used in the winter. Iconic.

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I thought this was a joke.

I truly thought that the model was actually just a Twitter user making fun of the Zara models, but no. No, it's really a picture on the Zara website. Truly: wtf.

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We're at the point where people are making Tik Toks about it.

I mean, it's kind of well-deserved. And as baffling as Zara's poses are for their models, it's low-key genius. People will flock to their site to see them, and maybe buy a few things while they're there.

This is either galaxy brain-level marketing, or sheer buffoonery.

Or maybe, it's both.

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Sure, this is how coats are worn.

I was hoping to find out what this coat looked like when inexplicably near bare feet, so I'm glad this picture exists. I have no need to see what the shape or length of the coat is, apparently.

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What, does everyone not stand on their stovetops?

Because the first thing I do when I get a pair of new shoes is to stand on the stove and demand everyone in my apartment admire my shoes. Pictures are encouraged.

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Wait, I found the best one.


Forget the models. Forget the poses. Forget human beings entirely. From now on, I want all my clothes modelled exclusively by trees. I will accept no substitutes.

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