Quotes For People Who Just Can't Be Bothered Today

Caitlyn Clancey

Okay, this might sound crazy, but have you ever wondered what your catchphrase would be if someone turned you into an action figure?

I'm serious. If you were to suddenly do something worthwhile that totally warranted a company manufacturing a toy version of yourself for kids, complete with accessories and a tell-tale catchphrase, what would it be?

Personally, I used to think mine would be something cool, maybe even a little bad ass. But now I've come to the very sobering conclusion that it would almost definitely be something along the lines of, "Not my problem."

See, the thing about me is I am incredibly lazy, and very prone to pawning responsibility off to someone else.


Unless I know something absolutely, 100 percent needs to be done this very second, I will almost definitely put it off.

Possibly forever, if it happens to be so unimportant it slips my mind completely.

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Maybe it's the whole lockdown thing that has me feeling extra unmotivated lately, but I think I've reached peak laziness this year.


I'm going to bed later and later than ever before, and waking up later, too. I used to be someone who got up with the sun, ready to start the day right.

Now I'm lucky if I wake up in time to warrant eating breakfast rather than just starting the day with lunch instead.

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Don't even get me started on cleaning, because that's basically been thrown out the window.

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Sure, I try to keep my place looking relatively put-together so I'm not entirely ashamed with myself when I take a good look around me.

But I've also taken to simply turning on my robot vacuum every other day and deciding that's good enough for me.

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And, as previously mentioned, I've really started catching myself saying "not my problem" a lot more than usual.


Coffee stains on the counter? Not my problem. Empty toilet paper roll? Not my problem. Everything inside of the fridge just fell and is now definitely going to spill out in avalanche-like fashion if I open the door? Not my problem.

But you know what is a problem? More often than not, the "next person" I leave to deal with this stuff is almost always me.

So I guess my catchphrase should really be, "Not my problem...yet."

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