Turn Shower Hour Into Happy Hour With A 'Margarita Shower Machine'

This is possibly the ultimate prank gift for all of the margarita fans in your life.

It's true, many of us have dreamed of showers, maybe even waterfalls made of booze, but have yet to find them, and we probably won't ever.

However, this gift inspires the saucy dreamer in all of us to have hope. Well, at least until the box is opened to reveal that there is indeed no such thing as the Margarita Shower Machine.

While we're a bit heartbroken, there's just something pretty hilarious about it too.

This happy hour is a little too good to be true.


The box is decorated with a refreshing looking, yet comical picture of a woman slurping the boozy drink from a straw attached to a mounted margarita container.

The packaging even includes some fancy worded specs, but we just can't put our fingers on what a "flexi hose delivery system" is supposed to be. Maybe because it's all imaginary.

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Now, it's time for you to use your imagination, too.


Since this is a prank gift, part of the fun is putting any random or specific item in the box and eagerly watching as your recipient opens it and reacts.

However, if they're actually expecting a real Shower Margarita Machine, they may be more than a little upset to find some socks in their box.

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This would definitely be perfect for a White Elephant party.


White Elephant parties tend to be all about prank or silly gifts with the occasional gem here and there.

These parties are not to be taken too serious and usually welcome creative gifts, especially for all of your favorite booze-loving friends.

However, just in case someone is a grumper about it, you may want to have real margaritas on hand and welcome for them to enjoy.

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This prank is seriously funny.

Giphy | April Fools' Day

It may not be for everyone, but we feel like everyone has at least one person in their life that would truly see the humor in this gift and have a few big laughs.

These prank Shower Margarita Machines are available on Amazon for around $8.

Remember, these are empty boxes because this product sadly doesn't actually exist — well, not yet anyway. There's no stopping you from rigging up your own margarita shower machine.

Let us know what you think of this tipsy prank box in the comments. Better yet, if you do manage to make your own margarita shower machine, let us know how you did it!

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