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Fans Are Dragging Ashley Graham For Asking Jason Momoa To Perform The Haka

Elizabeth Spina 25 Feb 2019

If you missed the Oscars last night, in all its glory and awkwardness, then you probably also missed Ashley Graham's interview with Jason Momoa, and his wife, Lisa Bonet.

It was truly painful to watch.

But furthermore, people were actually offended and shocked at the way Ashley handled herself.

Here's everything you need to know:

Red carpet interviews have a tendency to come off a bit awkward and unnatural looking. But Ashley took things to the next level.

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At first, the interview seemed to be going well. Until things took an ugly turn.

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Ashley put Jason on the spot and asked him to perform a dance called the Haka, a traditional Māori dance.

Jason is from Hawaii, which is apart of the Polynesian triangle, where the dance originates from.

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The more I watch this video, the harder I cringe. It just gets worse and worse.


The fact that she then demonstrates the dance herself makes it that much harder to look at.

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Jason performed the dance at the "Aquaman" premier.

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But I don't think he was prepared to do it on the spot, on the red carpet before the Oscars.

Luckily his wife stepped in and let Ashley know that it wasn't going to happen.

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"I gotta get a Haka move," Ashely said, doing the dance "Like, one Haka move, come on!"

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Lisa began to shake her head and gesturing at Ashley to cut it out.

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In response, Ashley stopped dancing and mimicked one of Jason's classic facial expressions.

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Neither Jason or Lisa look impressed by this whatsoever. You could cut the tension between them with a knife.

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Probably in an attempt to try and salvage whatever was left of this interview, Jason made the face back at her.

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Ashley yelled "Yes!" back at him.

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Naturally, viewers took to twitter to criticize the absolute train wreck, that was Ashley's interview.

The wait is over.

We're all feeling the debilitating secondhand embarrassment brought to us by Ashley.

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How Jason and Lisa felt about the interview was written all over their faces.

Especially Lisa.

Although, I'm pretty sure everyone watching at home had the exact same facial expression as she did.

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Ashley treated the Haka as though it was a new dance trend, like flossing, instead of something with cultural significance.

One does not simply ask someone to demonstrate their cultural dance on the red carpet for their own amusement.

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These exact words came out of my mouth the first time I watched this video.

I just really wish someone could have stepped in faster and made it stop.

Shout out to Lisa for shutting it down when it went too far though.

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Lisa really does deserve so much credit for sticking up for her partner like that.

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Not a lot of people would feel comfortable to do that, in fear of confrontation. But Lisa read the situation so perfectly, and could tell that Jason was having none of it.

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Some people thought to defend Ashley, and thought the whole thing was taken way out of proportion.

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While I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it, and had no ill-intent, it was definitely not the right thing to say or do during this interview. She really dropped the ball.

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Even if the dance weren't apart of his culture, asking someone to dance on cue is just not okay.

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Nobody likes to be put on the spot like that.

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I love Ashley, but she is canceled for the time being.

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Out of sheer embarrassment, if I was her, I would be in hiding until this all blows over.

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