9+ Wedding Cakes That Will Make Any Superhero Fan Say 'I Do'

Wedding cakes have come a long way since I remember. Nowadays you can get so many different varieties of cake designs and themes. So I guess it’s no surprise that some people would take their love of superheroes and translate it into a fabulous superhero-inspired wedding cake.

Get a load of these fantastic wedding cakes that can elevate your wedding to superhero heights.

1. Comic Strip

Now this is a little different take on the superhero wedding cake. I like how they incorporated the actual comic book strip in the design. So clever.

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2. Superhero Lovers Cake

How cute is this cake made for those superhero lovers? Enjoy four layers of delicious cake in lemon zest, chocolate, vanilla bean, and red velvet.

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3. Romantic Marvel Cake

Who says you can’t mix romance with your love of comics? This cake designer sure doesn’t think so. A cake celebrating both superheroes and romance.

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4. Superheroes’ Got Your Back

It’s never a bad idea to enlist the help of some of the most trusted superheroes to bring some good luck to your wedding day.

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5. Let’s Call On The Avengers

Wow, I can’t get over the detail and the craftsmanship that went into making this super Avengers-inspired wedding cake. The skill here is mesmerizing.

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6. Half And Half Cake

Here's another take on the half and half superhero style. It's like having a cool reveal when you turn it around. Pretty cool idea.

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7. Superhero Wedding Party

Why not invite a whole bunch of superheroes to your wedding? You can if you get this cool-looking wedding cake made just for your special day.

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8. Breaking Out

Why not have the Hulk break out of your wedding cake when you reveal it to your guests? He, he, he, not quite, but close.

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9. Groot

I dunno about you, but even with all these superheroes present on this impressive wedding cake, Groot still upstages everyone. LOL! I just love that little guy.

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10. Everyone's Coming To The Party

And why just stop with the wedding cake when you can continue the theme even beyond?This idea is so fun. Thumbs up!

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11. Feminine Marvel Cake

You can satisfy both your feminine sensitivity and your fearless love of superheroes with this funky reveal cake that comes adorned with pink flowers.

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12. Pretty And Fierce

Oh my, I'm a bit scared of this Hulk but otherwise, this cake is stunning both as a traditional blue cake and superhero one.

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13. Marvel Veil Wedding Cake

Have the best of both worlds with this awesome cake that is half traditional white veil, half superhero design. This will make Marvel proud.

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Whoa, it's amazing how some people will go all out when it comes to creating a unique and definitely fantastical wedding cake design.


All the superheroes would be so proud.

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