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Colorful 'Fairy Wands' Will Add A Touch Of Magic To Any Garden

Brittany Rae

Does your garden need a bit of magic in it?

Then you'll love fairy wands, aka glass garden stakes! People on Etsy have been created beautiful, shining stakes that perfectly accompany plants and flowers! Pop them in the yard or in a planter and watch them sparkle in the sunlight, casting magical rays across your garden.

Here they are, in all their adorable glory! Each stake is topped with a glass orb, and made up of lampwork, Murano Glass and Tibetan alloy beads that shine in the sun!

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They're the perfect plant accessory.

Etsy | EdenValleySuncatcher

"You can color coordinate with your garden or house plants or use as a sun catcher on its own," Etsy shop EdenValleySuncatcher said of their fairy garden stakes.

You can get one of theirs for $20 and up.

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A few other Etsy shops offer them, too.

Etsy | Oregonbling

Etsy shop Oregonbling offers stunning wands with glass bead tops filled with flowers! This one features both glass and plastic beads. You can get one of theirs for $28!

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This final one has the ultimate bling on it.

Etsy | DragonflyTotems

This 10-inch high stake has hand-painted pink and white beads and Tibetan copper. It has 2 inches at the bottom to stake into the dirt!

You can get this one from DragonflyTotems for $23!

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