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DIYers Are Turning Old Dessert Plates Into Adorable Treat Stands

Sarah Kester

While most of us aren't throwing parties lately, that doesn't mean that we can't set up a party for one (two, if you're including your cat!).

When you do, one thing you'll need is a treat stand. But instead of shelling out cash, go the DIY route and make your own!

Don't fancy treats? Use it to store plants or decor!

As much as we love parties, the cost of throwing them is ridiculously expensive.

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Between the cake and the gift bags and snacks, the bill is already up there without the decorations.

Thankfully, this is where creating your own decorations comes in handy. A quick search on the internet can provide so much inspiration!

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Skip the florist, for instance, and make your own arrangement using inexpensive flowers!

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You can buy real ones at the grocery store or use fake ones that can be reused again and again.

These stores usually have stylish and inexpensive jars to place them into. Add ribbon for a finishing touch.

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Balloons aren't just for kids! Grab different sizes and pretty colors to cover your party area from floor to ceiling!

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If you're really crafty, you can even tape them together into a balloon arch.

There are many tutorials on the internet to fit the aesthetic you're trying to reach.

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When it comes to the food, don't just lay it out anywhere.

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Instead, serve it in a pleasing way using old dessert plates to create treat stands!

It's adorable and a great way to save money (a dessert stand can cost you anywhere from $20 to $70 dollars and up).

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To make your own three-tiered one, try this general tutorial.


Grab two plates (one small and one big) and a bowl.

You can use china or ceramic, but ideally chose ones that have a pretty design. This makes it the perfect decor already for any party (or a Netflix binge by yourself).

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You'll also need candlestick holders (one large and one small) and a really strong glue, like Gorilla glue.

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You may already have all of these items around the house.

If not, you can buy them for cheap at a thrift store or retail store.

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From there, it's simple: just glue the plates and candlesticks together! (or any other kind of tiers you have)

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For instance, apply glue to the rim of the candlesticks and glue to plates and bottom of the bowl.

Make sure you're generous with the glue to prevent the whole thing from coming crashing down.

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Now, the temptation of adding treats to it will be hard to resist. But you will need to let it sit and dry for a while.

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Once it's ready, though, let that sugar tooth free!

You can add anything you'd like, from cupcakes to candy to chocolate.

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Use it to style up the next holiday.

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This past Easter would have been the perfect time to add mini eggs, marshmallow peeps, and colorful jelly beans. And if treats aren't your thing, use it to store plants or decorations!

Do you think you'll be trying this nifty treat stand out for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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