18+ Photoshop Fails That Made Us Go ‘Really?’

Paddy Clarke

We live in an era where photoshopping photographs is sadly the norm. I'm not talking about people photoshopping weird/funny things in the background of photos, I'm talking about people manipulating images of themselves with bizarre and sometimes terrifying results!

So, to shine a light on some of the most egregious examples of this, here are 18+ photoshop fails that made us go, "Really?"

1. "So hot, the car melted."

Reddit | exoticed

I hate it when this happens. If I had a penny for every time that my ass had melted my car to fit its shape then I'd... Well, I'd maybe have a penny, you don't know!

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2. "Even world famous MMA fighters seem to struggle with curvy pillars."

Reddit | backstreetfred

If you or anyone you know has been tragically effected by warped pillars, then please consider deleting photoshop.

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3. "A body that can bend buildings."

Reddit | gnarkill344

The architecture here is absolutely amazing, where else would you be able to see such Tim-Burton-esque buildings?

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4. "Photoshopped a Lambo logo on her Honda, the blue one in the back also looks fake."

Reddit | Rocket-Bunny-37

Hmmm, you would have thought that Lamborghinis would have had slightly slicker interiors!

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5. "When your shadow don't follow the photoshop."

Reddit | empenarede

Those "abs" are also remarkably questionable as well. Just like my own abs, I suspect these are really somewhat fictional.

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6. "The model who denies any photoshop and the case of the disappearing glass cutout!"

Reddit | real_yarrr_shug

Someone pointed out that, "She argued she edited it out because there was bird poop on the [glass,] but then...why take the photo right near it in the first place?"

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7. "Oh poor dog, look at its face."

Reddit | dguenka

Every year, countless animals get caught in the crossfire of their owner's God-awful photoshopping skills. Adopt a photoshopped dog today!

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8. "Whats the point of photoshopping a Starbucks logo on your cup...?"

Reddit | joanoa

Is Starbucks really that much of a status symbol? And, if it is, then why in God's name is it?

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9. "Sad face!"

Reddit | aknalumos

It looks like the poor woman in the background is saying, "Why must you drag me into your warped world of insanity?"

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10. They may Have Forgotten About The Mirror...


Why take a picture near to a mirror in the first place if you're planning on photoshopping the hell out of it? You're just making life harder for yourself!

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11. "Someone commented asking about photoshop and she said 'Sorry I'm skinny.'"

Reddit | PoeticEarplug

I think that "Sorry, I'm completely insane" would have been a more appropriate response.

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12. "The peas on this menu photo are photoshopped in..."

Reddit | andrewnacho

Really? I couldn't tell, they just look so damn natural and tasty! Could they seriously have not found some more natural-looking images of peas though?

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13. "The Arm, Oh God..."

Reddit | Forger62

With arms like that they must be excellent at butterfly, the swimming technique that no one likes and/or understands.

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14. "Twitter thirst trap got something wrong with her fingers..."

Reddit | Lakkabrah

Christ, this one was a pretty good catch, but once you've seen it it's impossible to see anything else!

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15. "Don't you hate it when your pecs grow over your pendant?"

Reddit | xakmonster

This guy looks like he was designed by a really terrible post-modern collage artist.

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16. "The reflection says her hips do lie."

Reddit | Hamburglar_burglar

Christ, she should be thankful that she isn't actually like this, as if she was then her organs would be falling out of her mouth!

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17. "I didn't know there was a wax statue in Milan."

Reddit | Savsuper

How do people seriously not know when to stop with photoshopping? This one is actually quite terrifying.

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18. "Probably should of just worn the hat the other way. It's better than what he did to try and cover that bald spot."

Reddit | iaimtomisbehave151

People develop bald spots, that's nothing to be ashamed of. Using Microsoft Paint to draw what looks like bird poop on your head isn't helping.

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19. "That is one GIANT hand!"

Redditt | Leathermoss

I don't even know what you do to a photo to end up with something like this happening. Whatever has happened, I wouldn't fancy a punch from her!

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20. Yep, She's Definitely In Paris!

Reddit | CongoSpaceGurlxx

I love how she managed to float when this picture was taken as well, it always makes a photograph that extra bit special and definitely real!

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