16+ People Who Thought They Fooled Us

Paddy Clarke

There are a lot of individuals out there who think that it is incredibly easy to pull a fast one on other people!

However, here are some examples of the most blatant attempts at tricking someone on Earth. So, please enjoy these 16+ people who thought they fooled us!

1. "This feels like a trap..."

Reddit | Nightowl21

Wow, they're really just going for all of the classics to try and get people in. I can imagine that the "Free Toys" sign is in the post.

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2. "Probably should have just worn the hat the other way. It's better than drawing over the bald spot!"

Reddit | iaimtomisbehave151

As far as people manipulating photos goes, this is one of the most egregious examples I have ever seen!

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3. "How Germans deal with speed traps."

Reddit | iBleeedorange

They just want you to think that you can speed and then a police officer will jump out of this trash can and give you a ticket. I'm not falling for this one again!

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4. Official Elbow Merchandise!

Reddit | KiranEvans

My favorite part of this is that the word "safe" is in quotation marks, suggesting that this item will likely kill your child...which is understandable.

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5. "60y/o 'celebrity' from Germany. Look at the floor..."

Reddit | everyusernametaken9

It looks like the world beneath her is trying to suck her into the void, which is a growing problem in this day and age!

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6. "We have an ant problem. The husband is trying to make the ant traps more appealing."

Reddit | coffeeowlthyme

"Pfft, can you believe this, Ant? This guy thinks we're gonna fall for this!"

"How stupid does he think us ants are? Although... I might just go in and check that there definitely aren't any dancers in there real quick!"

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7. "My five-year-old's leprechaun trap checks out..."

Reddit | whateverandamen

Something tells me that this is the child of the previous guy who was trying to trap ants in "ingenious" ways!

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8. "I hate flies. I was in a heated battle with one last night and I ended up trapping him in the freezer. I thought I had won until I found this in my drink."

Reddit | LameEskimo

Although, there is nothing quite like devouring the flesh of your enemies to assert your I've been told.

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9. "And then there's Eugene. He'll look you straight in the eye and tell you he has no idea who ate all the dog treats or where I can find the lid of the container."

Reddit | redditorcris

This cat is taking the idea of being caught red-handed to new levels. I kind of respect him for sticking to his pleas of ignorance though.

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10. "Tattoo artists photoshopping their line work."

Reddit | lonkeybong

Can you imagine going to a tattoo artist as you like their work online, only to find that they did a terrible job of your piece as they had been secretly photoshopping their work?!

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11. "I feel like the Braille is a trap..."

Reddit | 1da-kid

"I keep trying to read what this door is saying but it keeps hitting me in the damn face."

"Yeah, we probably should have anticipated this in hindsight."

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12. "Oh poor dog, look at its face."

Reddit | dguenka

I always hate it when you see an innocent party get caught in the crossfire of someone's irresponsible photoshopping!

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13. Seems Unnecessarily Cruel!

Reddit | sudde004

The kids just want you to believe this sign so that they lull you into a false sense of security, then they beat the hell out of you when your guard is down. I know your tricks kids!

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14. "A Strong One!"

Reddit | mr_kord

Nothing quite like bootcut jeans for lifting weights in either! They're exactly what you should be wearing for working out!

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15. "Mein lokale ice cream shop has jokes in two languages."

Reddit | SoDakZak

Another bi-lingual jokester added, "Don't complain about rainy days, in Germany the weather is always Wetter."

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16. "The other day my dog got attacked by a raccoon, so I set up a trap. This is what I caught."

Reddit | Tilimorf

I like how the dog won't even look at its owner as it knows what it has done. You can see shame written across this dog, it must be killing him.

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17. "So hot, the car melted."

Reddit | exoticed

This is a level of photoshopping that you can only aspire to when you just stop caring about reality.

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18. "Worst. Trap. Ever."

Reddit | dingari

This guy obviously went to the Wile E Coyote school for setting traps! Maybe they hope that by the time someone has walked 150 metres then they will have forgotten about the trap?

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19. "Teeth brighter than my future!"

Reddit | [Deleted]

Nobody who has teeth that are actually that white has ever so much as touched a McDonald's before in their life.

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20. "A suspicious looking squirrel and a trap on the walking trail? I've watched too many cartoons!"

Reddit | Expensive-Flamingo92

"Come on human, walk onto the trap..."

"I'm not falling for your traps again you damn squirrel!"

"One of these days I'll get you Dave!"

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