People Related To Celebrities Reveal How They Act Around Family

Our society has become utterly obsessed with celebrities. It's not enough that we see our favorite actors and actresses on the big screen — we want to know what they're like in real life.

Now, thanks to a recent subreddit, people who are related to celebrities are starting to reveal how their famous relatives actually behave in real life.

Matthew McConaughey always brings the best booze to the party.

Reddit user drycheck claims to be Matthew's cousin.

Apparently, Matthew still owes this man a Buick for beating up a bully some 38-plus years ago. Aside from that — he acts perfectly normal.

Jon Heder became too cool for family functions after starring in *Napoleon Dynamite*.

If I had starred in one of the most successful cult comedy films of the past two decades, I'd probably have a bit of a big head myself.

Jon's cousin goes on to say that since things have quieted down, career-wise, he makes more of an effort to show up.

Peter Weller has some incredibly cool stories.

Reddit user RonJohnsSurfShop is the nephew to the one and only Robo Cop! Apparently, Weller loves telling stories about all the famous people he's met over the years and has an especially close-knit relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sinbad treats his family to lavish gifts.

Sinbad's nephew explained that he sees his uncle at least once a year and the last time they were together, Sinbad treated everyone to a lavish Caribbean cruise!

I wish he was my uncle...

Rowan Atkinson still panders to the crowd.

This Reddit user claims to be the stepson of Rowan Atkinson. They say "Any time there is a family gathering of any significance, he puts on the suit and shows up as Mr. Bean."

J.K. Rowling doesn't let her fame effect family gatherings.

This close relative of the iconic Harry Potter author says that J.K.'s fame has never been a big deal.

Her fans either choose to whisper about her from afar, or they'll come and strike up a conversation.

Either way, J.K. remains on an even keel.

Lucy Lawless is incredibly down to earth.

This Reddit user wrote "She's the [sic] one of the nicest people to talk to and never acts like a celebrity. I have gotten to do some very cool stuff in my life which Ill [sic] never take for granted because of her kindness!"

You wouldn't even know that Hugh Laurie was famous at family gatherings.

Reddit user HaroldTheDuck said "My uncle is Hugh Laurie and at family events[sic] you wouldn't know he's famous, my dad still abuses him (as a joke) the same as they did when kids. I forget he's famous until I have lunch with him in public."

Richard Karn has had to put up with plenty of *Home Improvement* jokes over the years.

Richard is best known for playing Tim Taylor's able assistant, Al Borland on Home Improvement.

Supposedly, Richard is an incredibly calm and patient man. By the sounds of things — he'd have to be!

Duff McKagan's nephew gets asked for autographs all the time.

Duff McKagan is better known as one of the founding members, as well as the bass player, of the iconic heavy metal band, Guns N Roses.

The fame hasn't affected the family much, Duff is still just a normal guy.

Björk is very careful not to be photographed at family events.

I can't tell if this Redditor is joking or being serious. Either way, of all the people on this list — Björk has me the most starstruck by far.

I'm completely obsessed with her music.

Red Green is a hoot at family gatherings.

Steve Smith, better known to the world as the satirical handyman Red Green, is precisely the kind of guy you want at your wedding.

If ever there was a lull in the conversation, Steve would pipe in with a hilarious quip or anecdote.

Andy Dick's controversial antics have forced his family to distance themselves from the once great comedian.

"Andy Dick is my second cousin," according to Reddit user The_Chris_Griffin.

"He's done so many crazy things over the years and my family is really embarrassed to be related to him, we don't really talk to him anymore."

Vanessa Williams is very nice in real life.

"Vanessa Williams is my second cousin," this Redditor explained.

"I've only met her once at a family reunion years ago. Everyone acted pretty normal to be honest besides a few pictures here and there but yea nothing crazy. Very nice lady."

Megan Fox brought a stack of her own headshots to Christmas dinner.

Megan's younger cousin remembers the year when she showed up to Christmas dinner with a stack of fresh headshots.

Apparently, Megan thought she was doing her family members a favor by giving her family signed pictures to distribute among their friends.